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8851 and 8861 (SIP) freeze occasionally




I would like to know if anyone have been experiencing some freezing issues with 88XX phones? 


We first received the phones with the firwamre sip88xx.10-2-1-16 but since the phone was looping through reboots when connected to 2x or 3x 8800 modules, we upgraded to sip88xx.10-2-2-16. Since then, the phones freezes completely from time to time and needs to be disconnected. 

When frozen (which often happens when the calls are transferred to another extensions), there is nothing we can do at all on the phones.


There is no newer firmware  so I'm pretty much stuck here.

I'll have to try our other BNIB 8851 but at least one 8861 and one 8851 have the exact same behavior.



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sorry - you have to get it from TAC I can't provide it directly....

  You can reference my customers SR 639226317  if you'd like but they have to publish the ES for you...

  Good Luck!!


Thank you very much!

For those of you keeping score at home -

Active Load ID   sip88xx.11-5-1SR1-1 (Current FW)

Inactive Load ID sip88xx.11-5-1-18 (previous FW) Cisco 8861/Freezing issue
Inactive Load ID sip88xx.10-2-2-16 (previous FW) Cisco 8861/Freezing issue
Inactive Load ID sip88xx.10-3-1-20 (previous FW) Cisco 8861/Freezing issue

User reboots the phone and will temporarily resolve the issue; I am on a CUCM 8.6 cluster

Hi Richard,

We got firmware version 11-5-1ES-13 from Cisco Support about a month ago to resolve our freezing/reboot issues on the phones. It appears to have resolved the issue for us. Hope this helps.


Cisco 8861 FW Version - sip88xx.11-5-1SR1-1 seems to have resolved the issue. Thanks for the response Rob; This FW was released as of November 2016. For any others looking, the cisco repository I downloaded the current version from is in the link below.

I am using sip88xx.11-5-1SR1-1  on an 8841 and have had a few freezes when switching lines or coming in and out of voicemail.  It isn't consistently happening, and has only occurred a few times.  Never had any problems with the previous 11-5 firmware. 

What I am experiencing is a screen freeze, then an off-hook dial tone that will be heard whether the phone is on or off hook.  Pressing buttons has no effect.   After about 30 seconds it seems to correct itself and go back to normal.

Experienced this same issue intermittently on a few 8851s running sip88xx.11-5-1-18 firmware in a CUCM 11.5.1 cluster. Upgrading the phones to sip88xx.11-5-1SR1-1 appears to have resolved the issue. We are also evaluating sip88xx.11-7-1-17. 

We've been evaluating 11.7(1) on 24x 8865 for a couple of weeks, so far so good, but given that the freezing is intermittent we're not signing off on it yet.

Have you had anymore freezes with the 11.7 firmware yet ?

Sadly 11.7(1) hasn't fixed the problem, it does indeed appear to be a memory leak, the phones have to be in use for 2 or more weeks (without reboot) before the freezing starts intermittently manifesting itself.

It would appear that despite being out for over 2 years, the 8800 series phones still aren't stable enough to replace the 7900 series.

We are on 11-7-1-17 and we are having the freezing issue

Yes our phones are still experiencing intermittent freezing we have 8851 and 8861 on 11-7-1-17.  We have pushed 12-0-1-11 to an 8851 and are monitoring.

Have you had any positiv e results with the 11.7 firmware ?


Facing same issue with a customer. 8851's with Expansion modules and without expansion modules occassionally are stuck on screen/ keys unresponsive. Have opened TAC case and will try collecting packets from the phone and switch.

CUCM version #

Sample Phone Model # 8851

Phone Active Load : sip88xx.11-5-1SR1-1

Will update if we find any solution.

Attached picture was taken on 4/19/2017, the date on the phone is 4/09/2017

Would you keep us updated with what TAC has to say? I also have found the issue to be more apparent in phones that have BLF/Side cars. Anyone know a Cisco rep? I'll continue to stagger my affected phones rebooting off hours to keep the problem at bay - but its not ideal.

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