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8865 IP phone support in CME 11.5


I have to deploy Cisco 8865 SIP IP Phone with CME. Router Model is 2911 and I have upgraded it to IOS 15.6. Now I have CME version 11.5 on my router.

Still I am unable have registration of   8865 in CME. Kindly let me know How I can get 8865 registration in CME.


Abdul Karim

Mohammed Khan
Cisco Employee

Hi ,

Can you update your config here.


Mohammed noor

Thanks Mr. Noor

I found the issue from my CME it has no support for 8865. For your reference

CME-Router(config-register-pool)#type ?
3905 Cisco SIP Phone 3905
3911 Cisco SIP Phone 3911
3951 Cisco SIP Phone 3951
6901 Cisco SIP Phone 6901
6911 Cisco SIP Phone 6911
6921 Cisco SIP Phone 6921
6941 Cisco SIP Phone 6941
6945 Cisco SIP Phone 6945
6961 Cisco SIP Phone 6961
7811 Cisco SIP Phone 7811
7821 Cisco SIP Phone 7821
7841 Cisco SIP Phone 7841
7861 Cisco SIP Phone 7861
7905 Cisco SIP Phone 7905
7906 Cisco SIP Phone 7906
7911 Cisco SIP Phone 7911
7912 Cisco SIP Phone 7912
7940 Cisco SIP Phone 7940
7941 Cisco SIP Phone 7941
7941GE Cisco SIP Phone 7941GE
7942 Cisco SIP Phone 7942
7945 Cisco SIP Phone 7945
7960 Cisco SIP Phone 7960
7961 Cisco SIP Phone 7961
7961GE Cisco SIP Phone 7961GE
7962 Cisco SIP Phone 7962
7965 Cisco SIP Phone 7965
7970 Cisco SIP Phone 7970
7971 Cisco SIP Phone 7971
7975 Cisco SIP Phone 7975
8811 Cisco SIP Phone 8811
8831 Cisco SIP Phone 8831
8841 Cisco SIP Phone 8841
8851 Cisco SIP Phone 8851
8851NR Cisco SIP Phone 8851NR
8861 Cisco SIP Phone 8861
8941 Cisco SIP Phone 8941
8945 Cisco SIP Phone 8945
8961 Cisco SIP Phone 8961
9951 Cisco SIP Phone 9951
9971 Cisco SIP Phone 9971
ATA Cisco SIP Phone ATA
ATA-187 Cisco Analog Phone Adapter ATA 187
ATA-190 Cisco Analog Phone Adapter ATA 190
CUCIConnect Cisco Unified Communications Integration for WebEx Connect
CiscoMobile-iOS Cisco Mobile App on iPhone
DX650 Cisco Desktop Collaboration Experience DX650
Jabber-CSF-Client Cisco Jabber application client based on CSF device type
P100 PingTel Xpressa 100
P600 Polycom SoundPoint 600

You can find CME has support for 8861 but not for 8865. Kindly guide me how i can get support for 8865 in CME.


Abdul Karim

can you provide output of "show tech voice".


Mohammed Noor

Dear Noor, Kindly find the attached show tech voice

I don't think this phone is supported with CME 11.5, but as per its data sheet it was "Planned to be supported in 11.5 ".

And it is not showing in CME 11.5' new feature guide as well, so I don't think it is supported on cme 11.5


See this link for the 8865: 

It says: "Prior to release 11.0 of Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express, the Cisco IP Phone 8861 and 8865 are to utilize the fast track method utilizing the Cisco Unified IP Phone 9971 as the reference model (use 7975 as reference model if needing softkey template support). "


voice register pool -type 8865
transport tcp
description Cisco SIP Phone 8865
reference-pooltype 9971

voice register pool 2
busy-trigger-per-button 2
id mac AC7E.8AB7.63B6
session-transport tcp
type 8865
number 1 dn 2
dtmf-relay rtp-nte
username 8865 password <REMOVED>
codec g711ulaw
no vad

Nadeem Ahmed
Cisco Employee

8865 is not inherently supported on CME 10.5 , you can try in fast-track method to get this registered by creating reference pooltype closest would be 9951


Nadeem Ahmed

Br, Nadeem Please rate all useful post.

Dear Nadeem,

Kindly explain it little bit more. how ?


Abdul Karim

Rajkumar Yadav

Hi Abdul,

Are you able to get those 8845/8865 phones work with CME 11.5 version ?

Please update.



Yes Raaj I am got the registration of 8865 with CME 11.5

Thanks Abdul for confirming, which model did you referenced as part of fast tracking.

Video capability is working fine ? Any issue noticed ?



I have CISCO 8865 VDO phone and other model of cisco ip phone as well and want to connect with my TMS its version is 15 , is it possible to connect these VDO phone to my TMS ??? and what is the procedure to connect with my TMS ??? further how to book conference in these VDO Phone ??? is it possible book conference ??? kindly help us

Hi dear, 


can you please help me which type of licence you used for it with part number . 

i have 8851 IP phone i have create BOM. i have no idea which licence is used for it..


Please help me on urgent basis... 



Vinney Koul 

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