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Bulk Upgrade Phone Models


Hello, All.

I am testing a bulk upgrade of 7960 phones to 7965 using TAPS on CUCM 8.6.x. The 7960 phones each have a primary DN assigned to them and are currently routable. Unfortunately BAT does not seem to be playing nice..

Method 1

I left TAPS at the default of searching dummy MAC addresses created by BAT. I exported the 7960 phone details, used the BAT template to create an import of the 7965 details, and I uploaded them via BAT and confirmed the BAT devices now showed. I plugged in a phone, which auto-registered with a TAPS extension. I dialed TAPS and entered the extension when prompted. I received a message stating, "I'm sorry there are duplicate entries for this number." Checking the logs I showed the following error, "Unable to fetch a unique record even with the external phone number mask and the dialed extension." i thought perhaps the 7960 device was causing conflict, so I deleted it. I retried TAPS and generated the same issue.

Method 2

I set the TAPS service parameter to use any MAC. I went into Serviceability and restarted Cisco TAPS. I plugged in a new 7965 and received an auto-registered number. I dialed TAPS. When prompted I attempted to enter the extension of my second 7960 phone. I received the exact same errors are method 1 even though there was only one SEP profile (7960) for the device.

Method 3

I was afraid there was an issue with TAPS, so I created a BAT with a new DN. Uploaded the BAT, took one of my 7965s and dialed the TAPS number. I entered the new DN and the profile was successfully applied.


It appears when attempting to configure new devices that have an active DN TAPS fails stating there are duplicate numbers.

I'm a bit lost at where to troubleshoot next. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much!

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Nishant Savalia


Please refer below link for troubleshooting of TAPS regarding your error.

Nishant Savalia

Regards, Nishant Savalia