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Call Forwarding in line Group CUCM 12.5

Hello, I have an established line group "" TI ", a hunt pilot" TI "and a hunt list" TI ", and the extensions, 125,126, 155,156 as members, I use the circular distribution algorithm to pass unanswered calls between the members available but forwarding between these lines does not work, when I dial an extension of the group it only appears on the other phones "available to pick up" but the call is not passed to the other lines.

The configurations in each phone member  is as follows:Captura.PNG


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You can achieved this by forwarding on based on member extensions line page configuration.


Apply call forwarding on extension 125, 126, 155 & 156 when busy or no answer and on the forwarding section ( Busy internal & No Answer Internal)enter your hunt pilot number 6211 and apply css.


So when someone call on any of member (125,126,155 & 156) call hit on these member if member busy or not answered the call then that call will be forwarded on hunt pilot 6211 and on 6211 hunt pilot already members (125, 126, 155 & 156) it will ring one by one (if algorithms set circular or Longest available agent, if set broadcast then all member will ring simultaneously on the same time)  based on your configuration.


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When I say that the call is not forwarded, I mean that if I dial any member (125,126,155,156) only the dialed member rings, and the rest of the members receive an alert of a call available to pick up, if the call is not answered it continues ringing alone where it was marked.
The purpose of my configuration is that when a call is made to any member of the department (125,126,155,156) and this is not answered, it is passed to all the members of the hunt group, I do not know if this is the best solution or there is a better solution.
Attached screenshot of

First i strongly recommend to go through configuration guides and understand the concept Hunt group, call forwarding and pickup group.


as i mentioned in my initial reply, call forwarding, hunt group are different things.


when you say you call "member of the department (125,126,155,156)"  I assume that its an extension calls and calls coming to 125,126,155,156 is not through any Hunt pilot. If yes, you need to configure call forwarding on individual extensions for call forwarding to work.


if call to member of the department (125,126,155,156) comes through a hunt pilot, then for forwarding to work configure call forwarding destination  on Hunt pilot.



when you say,

The purpose of my configuration is that when a call is made to any member of the department (125,126,155,156) and this is not answered, it is passed to all the members of the hunt group

I assume your requirement as  when some one call individual extension 125,126,155,156 and busy/no answer you need to forward the call  to a Hunt group and distribute among the  members configured on hunt group. If yes  on line 125,126,155,156 you need to configure as mention below.


With below config, if some one calls 125,126,155,156 directly( not through any hunt groups) it forward to 6215 which is a hunt group and rings the Hunt group members.





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Nithin Eluvathingal
VIP Advisor

Hunt group, pickup group and call forwarding are different things. 


A Hunt Group is a group of lines that are organized hierarchically, so that if the first number in the hunt group list is busy, the system dials the second number. If the second number is busy, the system dials the next number, and so on.


When you call Hunt Pilot, does the calls distribute among the Hunt member (125,126, 155,156) in a circular pattern  ? if yes Hunt group  is working. 



Call Forwarding Overview

As a user, you can configure a Cisco Unified IP Phone to forward calls to another phone. The following call forwarding types are supported:

  • Call Forward No Bandwidth—Forwards calls when a call to a directory number fails due to insufficient bandwidth, and provides forwarding functionality to an Automated Alternate Routing (AAR) destination using public switched telephone network (PSTN) as the alternate route or to a voicemail system.

  • Call Forward with Alternate Destination—Forwards calls when a call to a directory number and the forwarded destination are not answered. The call gets diverted to an alternate destination as a last resort. This Call Forwarding type is also referred to as "MLPP Alternate Party destination."

  • Call Forward All (CFA)—Forwards all calls to a directory number.

  • Call Forward Busy (CFB)—Forwards calls only when the line is in use and the configured Call Forward Busy trigger value is reached.

  • Call Forward No Answer (CFNA)—Forwards calls when the phone is not answered after the configured No Answer Ring Duration timer is exceeded or the destination is unregistered.

  • Call Forward No Coverage (CFNC)—Forwards calls when the hunt list is exhausted or timed out, and the associated hunt-pilot for coverage specifies "Use Personal Preferences" for its final forwarding.

  • Call Forward Unregistered (CFU)—Forwards calls when the phone is unregistered due to a remote WAN link failure, and provides automated rerouting through the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). Calls can also be forwarded based on the type of caller: internal or external.

  • CFA Destination Override—Forwards calls when the user to whom calls are being forwarded (the target) calls the user whose calls are being forwarded (the initiator). The phone of the initiator rings instead of call forwarding back to the target.


The picture which you shared, has no call forwarding enabled and I can see only call pickup group assigned. Since call pickup group assigned, other members will received notification based on the pickup configuration.


please let us know more about your  exact issue. 

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sorry if it's hunt group, exactly I would also suppose that it should work but it doesn't, I only get the call message available to pick up on line 155, and I don't answer the call and only the extension I dialed continues to ring without going through to the others.

What number do you call to, the hunt pilot number or individual line group member directory number?

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I call each member of the group individually, 126,155,156,125, 
It is worth mentioning that I have line 125 configured in 3 different IP phones 

From the screenshot you shared,  for forwarding to work when you dial the individual numbers  You haven't configured call forwarding conditions on the extension . with the current configuration You put them in call Pickup group, that's the reason other member in the Pickup group receiving notifications when you call individual  extensions.


Below  screenshot is an example taken from my office extension, I forward my calls to extensions 200 when I am  busy, no answer, or Unregistered.


Screenshot 2021-07-24 at 5.29.14 AM.png

On your settings, You have only configured call Pickup.




Second thing if you need hunt group forwarding to work , remember on thing  Hunt group will override device call forward settings. So you need to set forwarding  on Hunt Pilot. 


Below screenshot is a hunt  group forwarding setting on my IT help desk Hunt Pilot when  members are busy.  You can also set Hunt group forwarding for No Answer.


Screenshot 2021-07-24 at 5.36.18 AM.png

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That’s what I suspected. As you are calling each individual directory number, that happens to be in a line group, it’s not even going to use the hunt list. For this you need to call the hunt pilot.

If you want call forwarding for the individual numbers you have to configure call forward options on each directory number.

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Assume that your hunt pilot as 500, and your hunt members are 125,126, 155,156. you have enabled call forward settings on each extension. But no call forward settings on the Hunt pilot.

For the  above scenario , if you call hunt pilot 500 and when your members dont answer the call or if busy dont expect that  the call  gets forwarded  based on the  members line settings. 

It doesn't work, because that's the normal behaviour in the Hunt group. 


For the same scenario, if your requirement is to forward calls when members busy or no answer to another extension, Configure Call forwarding settings on Hunt Pilot. (I shared the screenshot on another reply)

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Thank you very much, is it possible to add multiple members for call forwarding in Hunt Pilot?

For external number it’s not possible while for internal its possible, Add forwarding to different hunt group then it will ring for multiple members whoever added on that hunt group.


Means on the existing hunt pilot add forwarding on different hunt pilot number when busy and no answer.


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If you mean multiple directory numbers should get the call that is forwarded from the hunt pilot you can achieve that with either another hunt pilot or by a shared line. For the shared line option you’d want to create a specific directory number that is setup as a secondary line on the phones.

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Only one extension can be configured  on Hunt Pilot as forwarding destination. If your requirement is to ring multiple extensions, then you  need  another hunt pilot as your Forwarding Destination . 

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I created a new Hunt Pilot "" 6215 "called SYSTEMS and I had one called TIC" 6211 "and the Line Group where I have members 125,126,155 and 156, among which I want unanswered calls to be distributed to any of these members , Sillaman to 256 and does not answer that it is passed to the remaining members and so on with the calls to the member of the Line Group, annex configuration where I do the forwarding.
With this configuration, would I already achieve my goal?
Thanks for your comments.Hunt Pilot.PNG

With shared config, When line members in HG, 6211 is busy or don't answer the call it will be forwarded  to 6215. if 6215 is a HG it  rings Line member's  according to the algorithm you configured.


So both your 6211 and 6215 both use same line members ?

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yes, they would be the same members, 125,126,155 and 156 that are the members of the IT department.
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