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Can you bulk edit CUCM users to assign their Primary Extension


I imported several hundred phones/users into CUCM via BAT.  On the User Template, I checked the box labeled "Default Telephone Number to Primary Extension" but it seems that it is ignoring this.  The Telephone Number field is populated and the user is associated with their phone but the Primary Extension field isn't populated.  I can go back to my Excel sheets, add the field in, use a concatenating formula to populate the field, and re-import, but I'm hoping someone knows of a better way.  I could also export the users into a sheet, enter the info into the blank Primary Extension field, and re-import the users, but I'm looking for something more polished.

TL;DR   Is there a way to make CUCM assign the Primary Extension on existing users in bulk that doesn't involve Excel sheets?  A query-based change I'm missing or something like that.

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This is was I eventually did.  I was just hoping there was an easier way to do it.  I'm not sure why it ignored the check box when importing against the user template.

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Tony Cilli Jr

I don't think you're overlooking a BAT file to do this, I just don't think it's there.. But definitely seems like something that should be "Query-able". Easiest way to do this and avoid the concatenating formula would probably be an export all users info, copy the Extension field over to the Telephone number field then import it. Should be pretty quick honestly.




This is was I eventually did.  I was just hoping there was an easier way to do it.  I'm not sure why it ignored the check box when importing against the user template.

i've just done this successfully on cucm 10.5.2

i exported all users with BAT - all details, then added the entries for Primary Extension, then deleted all columns except for User ID and Primary Extension

then created a new user template with nothing selected

Uploaded as a Users- Custom File

then Bulk Administration - Users - Update Users - Custom File

use the new template and run immediately


On this file you created what do have as the headers?  BAT needs to be exact.  Not seeing the primary extension i'm not sure how it is listed

UserID,Primary_Extension ?

if you do a User export with all details, then the headers will be correct. 

below is headers from the file, i just deleted the headers and columns i didn't need 


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