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Cisco 8845 with plantronics headset and EHS cable won't ring in the headset after upgrade to 12.5 loads

Level 7
Level 7

We have many 8845 phones with Plantronics headsets (CS540 mostly) with the proper EHS cable that before the upgrade to 12.5 would beep in the headset when a call came in.  We were using sip8845_65.12-1-1SR1-4 and it worked fine.  With 12.5, it no longer makes any sound at all.  We can't find any setting to turn it back on so we're starting to downgrade phones with headsets.  Does anyone have any ideas?

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George Sotiropoulos
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hello Sean,


This sounds like a bug, if applicable, try to open a TAC case to receive some feedback .



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Since we don't have Smartnet on the phones, I can't do that.  

That also means you aren’t entitled to download phone firmware, which CCO is starting to enforce. The most common approach is to carry SMARTnet on at least one phone per-model.

It is indeed a bug.  I was able to open a case with TAC using our Smartnet on CUCM and they verified that it is a bug starting in 12.5.1 (including 12.5.1 SR1).  No fix yet but they are working on it.

Did they give you a defect ID by chance?

No, they didn't but I will ask for it.

I tested it on a 7821 and had the same result. The code that supports 3rd party EHS is probably shared between the models.

I received 12.5.1ES4 and tested it on an 8845 phone.  When a call came in it worked just fine.  Apparently the there was a problem with all 88xx and 78xx phones as they have ES4 releases for all of those.  I have not tested it on a 7821 but I suspect it will work now, too.  The code to handle the EHS cables is probably shared on all 88xx and 78xx phones.  The official release that will include the fix is 12.6.1 but there is no indication when that will be released.

This bug is showing as resolved in 12.5.1SR2 which is out now.


I haven't tested it yet to confirm though.

Yes, we just tested it yesterday and it worked as it should on the 8845. I haven't tested it on the 7821 but I assume it will work there, too, since that same bug applied to the 78xx line.

We ran into this as well, just last night. TAC sent over ES4 but we haven't tested it yet. We tried SR2-2 but it doesn't work either. 

We're experiencing no Ring Tone passed from Cisco 8845 running SR1-4 to Jabra Pro925 using Jabra Link 14201-43 EHS cable. Upgrade on phone to SR2-2 fixed the Ring problem but broke transmit audio from headset to caller.


Note: We recently resolved Ring Tone problems with Plantronics Savi series headsets upgrading phone firmware from SR1-4 to SR2-2. We found that SR1-4 and SR2-2 are problematic with Jabra PRO925.


CUCM Version: 11.5.1
-sip8845_65.12-5-1SR1-4 (No Ring on JabraPro925 headset)
-sip8845_65.12-5-1SR2-2 (No transmit audio on Jabra headset)

Has anyone tried the 12-5-1SR3 load and still had problems with Jabra headsets?