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CUCM Hunt Pilot Queueing - call redirect when no hunt members answer, are logged in, or registered



Recently in CUCM 9.1 I've configured a Hunt Pilot number with call queueing and I would like to also use call redirect option when no hunt members answer, are logged in, or registered. Unfortunatelly this option does not work as it should. When all phones, which belongs to the Hunt Group, are logged out from the Hunt Group, then the call is instantly placed into the queue instead of redirection.

Does anyone knows if this might be a bug or maybe something must be set somewhere else to force this option to work properly ? CSS is set by the way and all other options available for call queueing works fine. Only this one option has some issue.



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Abhay Singh Reyal

Can you check if the Max wait time is being hit or not ?

Also as per below link

For Call Queuing, a hunt pilot member is considered available if that member has both deactivated do not disturb (DND) and logged into the hunt group. In all other cases, the line member is considered unavailable or logged off.


Abhay Reyal

Abhay Singh Reyal
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In my case the max wait time is set to 900 seconds (it's a default value) with option to disconnect the call after this time will be reached.

Similar option is set for case when the queue is full, which is disconnect the call.

I set Hunt Group logout buttons on phones which are in the Hunt Group and it looks like it works fine. Becuase when it's on, the particular phones are selected due to calling algorithm. But when all phones are logged out, the call instantly goes to a queue and stays there.

I have observed the same situation. I have observed also when the phone is log to queue and nobody answer the call. The call transfer is OK.

Hi, did you ever find a fix for this? I'm having exactly the same issue on 11.5.1

- queue configured on hunt pilot

- no one logged in

- calls do not got redirected to as per "Route the call to the destination", they just get the initial queue announcement over and over again


got the same problem as Gary already described. 

Is there any solution already?

I have the same issue with 10.5.2

HP setup with the Queue active. The "When no hunt members answer, are logged in, or registered: " option does not seem to work whether I have Disconnect the call checked or if I try to redirect to another destination.

Calls seem to be stuck in a loop until it finally will hear the initial recording...on a loop.

Frequent Contributor
Frequent Contributor

Same here, anyone found a solution for this?


Same here,


any one found a solution?

Strangly it works in my Test UCM Cluster...

Did a cluster restart helped out?



same issue with call being queued when no members are logged in/phone unregistered running11.5.1 anyone find a fix for this or open a TAC case??

the issue we had, there was a remote destination assigned to one of the lines, that was the cause of the intermittent behavior



we found a solution, but not the reason.

We found out that the HP with some Lines with just one phone works as expected.

If we added a Line with more devices (CSF,BOT,TAB) which were not registered for some time the issue reoccured.

Then we tried to connect each of that devices and after that the HP works as expected for that Line, too.

We were able to disconnect some of that devices and it works, we configured some of that disconnected devices as "Logged into Hunt Group" and it works.

Now we try to contact each user, that should be part of that HP and ask him to connect each of its devices :(


But at least we do not know why the issue occurs. Is it a phone config corpse? When will it reoccur...

We like to use it for our Hotline. We do not have a good feeling with that situation.






I was able to reproduce the error. But at least I still do not know why the issue occurs...

If I reset the Hunt List I need to register some Jabber Softphones again.

So I put all line in one Line Group. If I added or removed a device I wasn't able to reproduce the issue.

So I hope the issue won't occure now.

Hi all,


unfortunately the error reoccured.

I opened a TAC case.

We are hitting that defect:


The work is still in progress, they adviced me to to reconsider my config or take away any jabber softphone...



We are experiencing the same problem but its intermittent. A phone reset on the hunt group members is our workaround.  I'm wondering if its because of a directory uri assigned with the line. We added those previously due to a cucm bug with call pickup on an earlier release. I've removed the directory uri on the hunt group members to see if this helps as they are no longer required.

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