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Dial-peer help

Rajnath Singh
Level 1
Level 1

Is there any way to verify whether a call is hitting a particular dial peer when a call is made from a Cisco IP phone to another registered to the same Call Manager? The calls are hairpinned to the same gateway.

Would appreciate any suggestion.


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Jaime Valencia
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

You can debug the dial-peers to see what's happening.



if this helps, please rate



if this helps, please rate

The question is what is a call haripinned through gateway if it is between 2 IP phones?


Cesar Ortega
Level 1
Level 1

debug voip ccapi inout

terminal monitor

Kevin Monteiro
Level 7
Level 7

Hi Rajnath,

If you want to check active call with dial-peers being hit, below is a command that will help:

show call activce voice brief

It the PID (Peer indentification) value which tells you the dial-peer being hit.

debug voip ccapi inout is also a good way as suggested above.


4.90#sh call active voice brief

: ms. () + pid:

  dur hh:mm:ss tx:/ rx:/ dscp: media: audio tos:

IP : rtt:


media inactive detected: media cntrl rcvd: timestamp:

long duration call detected: long duration call duration : timestamp:

  MODEMPASS buf:/ loss /

   last s dur:/s

FR [int dlci cid] vad: dtmf: seq:

  (payload size)

ATM [int vpi/vci cid] vad: dtmf: seq:

  (payload size)

Tele (callID) [channel_id] tx://ms noise: acom: i/o:/ dBm

  MODEMRELAY info:// xid:/ total://

         speeds(bps): local / remote /

Proxy :

bw: / codec:



Telephony call-legs: 0

SIP call-legs: 0

H323 call-legs: 0

Call agent controlled call-legs: 0

SCCP call-legs: 0

Multicast call-legs: 0

Total call-legs: 0


Kevin Monteiro

Level 1
Level 1

Hi Rajnath,

If both the IP Phones are registered with the same callmanager and your are using internal Extension to reach them , then it will not go to Voice gateway. However if you are using the full number(eg 6160xxx) then it will hit the voice gateway. and you can check using this command " show voice call status". If your call hitting the Voice gateway then you can see the dial-peer as below.

XXXXXXXXXX#sh voice call status

CallID     CID  ccVdb      Port        Slot/DSP:Ch  Called #   Codec    MLPP Dial-peers

0x75       1517 0xC0830C7C 0/0/0:15.10      0/1:1  *xxxxxxx None     1001/4000

Hi Ram,

Not sure if the full numbering scheme will work here since it is a lab Gateway and is not connected to any PRI line. It doesnt even have voice ports, so there is no way to send the call from one port to another via POTS dial peer. I just thought of experiemnting via H.323 / SIP. Is there any way to do this?