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Different codecs for internal and external calls.

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Dear experts, 


Please advise me that how can i configure G711 codec for internal calls and G729 for external calls. 

The reason is, Conference now is not working and i found that it will work on G711 codec but currently i am using G729 in my network.


I hope there will be some way to sort it out except Media Resources/transcoder.


Please suggest. 





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Assuming that your using a voice gateway that serves the external calls with a SIP trunk between the gateway and CM. If so you’d just need to include the wanted codec for external calls in the codec list used on the dial peers to/from CM. Also assuming that your conference resources are on the gateway as DSP resources. The change on the SIP side would not have any effect on the conference resources as those are controlled by SCCP and uses it’s own list of codecs.

Given that you’d also need to make modifications to configuration for region(s) or set system wide codec use by altering service parameters.

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You can make use of a trasncoder  or change the codec using the region settings and that solve your problem.



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@Nithin Eluvathingal i changed the codec to G711 and its perfectly working then my outgoing external calls also using same codec. 

I want to use G711 for internal calls so my conference now will work and G729 for external calls for bandwidth control without external transcoder. 

PSTN calls work on G711, If you change to g729 you need to have a transcoder to handle this. 

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