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Disable touch tones?

Lasse Solberg

I have a customer that want to disable touch tones on some of their c7912 phones on their CUCM 7.1.3.

They don't want to disable DTMF, they just don't want to hear the tones when they press the buttons on the phone.

I've tried to look for a solution on the web, but no luck.



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Gajanan Pande
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


Is it for 7912 or 7921 phone model ?

If it's for 7921, procedure is documented on page 79 of

Couldnt find similar procedure for 7912 though.


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It's for the 7912, not 7921.


hi Lasse,

On a  7912 there is no way to disable the playing of DTMF tones.

When you are on the handset/headset, the phones (whether the originator

or destination of the tones) will always play the true DTMF tones. When

on speaker, the phones will always play a default tone for both security

reasons (so no one can listen to the tones played) and also for a

performance reason (to avoid bleed through that may result in double

tones on an IVR).

You could disable out-of-band DTMF (for IOS gateways at least), which

simply forces the tone to be sent in-band instead. So the tone is still

sent and heard, it just runs the risk of being distorted since the tone

is sent as part of the media stream, as opposed to being recreated

exactly at the far end.

Hope this helps!



Hi, thank you for your reply.

It was as I "feared" =)

Do you know if it is possible to disable the tones for all phones instead?


If it is possible then that perticular phone's End User Guide or Admin Guide will have a procedure documented for that.


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