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ELM - License Usage - Enhanced vs CUWL


Need help understanding why inside ELM (CM version 9.1.1) under license usage all my users are showing under Enhanced but CUWL STD shows no users.  I expected to see a mix b\w this two "buckets" (Enhanced and CUWL STD).  I have a user account that has 2 phones (7942), CSF device, TCT device, CIPC, Jabber IM, and EM profile.  All these devices and profiles are assoicated to the user account however ELM still shows CUWL STD as 0 under Required. I have done Syncs on ELM, but provides no change to the License Usage

What steps am I missing to get this user account to fall under the CUWL STD license "bucket" instead of Enhanced.

I know the CUWL licensing is covering all my Enhanced users, I just want to understand why its not falling under that CUWL STD allocation


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This is in CUCM under Sytem->Licensing->License Usage Report, not in ELM.

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Aman Soi
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VIP Alumni

Hi Ray,

I was referring one of UC 9 licensing slides from where I have captured a snapshot as below. In your case it is last one.



In my example the user has 3 devices plus Jabber Mobile, and Jabber Deskphone.  The 3 devices are two 7942s and 1 IP Communicator device.  The last example in the slide above should be applied to this user thus making his account fall under CUWL STD.

This didnt update his user to CUWL STD as that license is still seating at 0 required.

Hi Ray,

ELM syncronised every 24 hours .

Can u share the license page before doing manual synchronise?

Can u click on Syncronize now under inventory ---Product instances.



Here is the copy of my License Usage.  I have tried Syncronize under inventory as well with no change

Under the license usage report in CUCM, click on the Users link next to Enhanced.  On one of the users, click View Details.  This should show you how many devices are associated any why it didn't fall into the CUWL Standard category.  It's not really a big deal that they are marked as Enhanced as it just pulls from CUWL Standard to cover those users.

I must be blind, I'm not seeing the Users Link next to Enhanced in the License Usage in ELM.  We are running CM\ELM version 9.1 so I dont know if anything has changed between versions.  Yeah, I know my enhanced users are covered by the CUWL license....I just want to know why its not getting allocated correctly.

This is in CUCM under Sytem->Licensing->License Usage Report, not in ELM.

Thanks, this showed me that a couple of his devices were not assigned.  They were assigned under end user but was missing the owner user id for a couple of devices.  Once assigned and updated it moved to CUWL STD.


I am having the same issue: my devices are allocated under Enhanced instead of CUWL.

I wonder what can be done to solve this allocation issue?

I do have the Owner User ID set for the devices and I am sure ELM and UCM are synchronized.

Can anyone please give me a hint on this?

Thanks in advance.


Is that prevaiing for CUCM 10 and 11 ?  Can i use unassigned the phone a user  ?


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