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Internal Calls Has No Sound

Kan Aky

We are using IPSEC VPN between different buildings, but using same CM. Some of internal calls are silence (headphone/speaker)(internal code like 2020) dialing with external code sounds clear. What may cause to silence calls for some internal lines? This problem is two way problem.



Building A: Using VLAN 20 for lines

Building B: Using VLAN 104 for lines

Few weeks later i realized some of the lines (@Building A) using VLAN 22 ip length.(Cuz of FW rules) After i updated those lines VLAN to 20. After update calls were clear. Now i update other lines to VLAN 20, but those lines still silence when dialing with internal code.

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George Sotiropoulos
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hello Kan,


Very quickly you need to verify the routing between the 2 ends and your CUCM. You need to make sure that the 2 IP phones are able to "reach" each other by ping and that both of them are able to ping your CUCM.


Can you check this and get back to us?


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Thanks for respond, sorry for late back. I had some ping tests. Building A lines can be pinged from CM, Building B lines are unable ping from CM.

Hello Kan,


Apart from veryfying that CUCM is able to ping building B IPs, you need to make sure that Building A IPs are able to ping Building B, since upon call establishement the routing is peer-to-peer, ie A<->B.



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But 3 of 21 A lines, can call (with sound) all B lines or B lines call that 3 A lines. I'll recheck firewall rules between A-B

Chris Deren
Hall of Fame Master Hall of Fame Master
Hall of Fame Master

This can be caused by either IP routing incorrectly defined between the networks, or firewall/ACL blocking the RTP ports.  Review your IP routes between the 2 networks (CUCM does not participate in media flow unless conference or MTP is invoked), and review your firewall logs and/or ACLs.

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