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IP Phone Caller Display

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I have a customer that after the 12.5 upgrade, noticed the phone display during a call, will now display:


Joe Smith...

For: XXXX - Jane Smith


They would like to have it continue to display the extension that called.  I have been unable to find in enterprise phone configuration where I can change this, or even if I can.

I am guessing probably not, but figured I would throw it out here.

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What number you expect to display. Can you provide bit more information about the call flow. 


For: XXXX - Jane Smith, You See this When call is forwarded.  Joe Smith is calling XXXX - Jane Smith but its forwarded. 





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So the call isn't forwarded.


Let's say it's an internal call...


Joe Smith at extension 1212 calls Jane Smith at 4141 let's say.  A direct phone call.

The phone rings at Jane's phone, she sees it is Joe Smith calling, but doesn't display his extension.

She takes phone off hook and answers the call.

The display shows Joe Smith, but not his extension..


Customer wants to see the extension...



You have two settings on Line. since I am out of office not possible to test this. Try the below.


  • Directory Number Alerting name  display when ringing.  

Screenshot 2021-04-13 at 9.17.16 PM.png



  • Display ID will be shown when call connected. 

Screenshot 2021-04-13 at 9.15.31 PM.png

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Thank you for the reply.


Those are all set accurately and have been.  Both the Directory Number and Names.  I would like when phone rings to either display the extension or maybe both Name and Extension.  Is that possible?

IF you set alerting name and caller-ID as  name +  extension it should display the name  with extension.






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If you don’t want to display the defined name of the calling end don’t configure anything in the display and alert fields, keeping all 4 of them empty should display the directory number when you make a call. Line text label that is referenced in another answer is irrelevant to this. It just sets what to show on the display of the phone for the directory number, it’s not at play for calls as such.

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Sadav Ansari
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Please mentioned his extension on line page instead of his name on Display caller ID, ASCII Display caller ID and Line Text Label section then check.


If you want display both just mentions like formate: extension-name (1000-Jane)