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phones do not take new firmware from CUCM

Sergey Balyura

I have a very strange situation with my CUCM 7.1.5
I install the most recent firmware for them on CUCM
new firmware versions are located in right positions in Device - Device Settings - Device Defaults
but reset and reboot of the phones do not force them to get a new firmware.
the same situation is with the ringtones. No ringtones are available from CUCM.

But. If I do a hard reset everything become fine. Phone get a new firmware. And ringtones from CUCM become

Phones are 7911, 6921, 7942.
And the picture with 9951 is more interesting. They start to boot till the word AUTO-REG and go to reboot...
Hard reset fixes the problem. (Of course, Auto-registration is disabled on a publisher and subscriber).

I don't want to hard reset every phone in the office.

And I want to understand what's wrong.

Please help to understand.

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Accepted Solutions

Well, as I understand phones connected to the test CUCM somewhy. and after that I have to hardreset phones.

So thanks, my fault :)

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Hi @Sergey Balyura

On the phone configuration page do you configure the "phone load name"?

Best regards
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As I understand by default phone have to take the default firmware during the reset of reboot.

but yes I inserted names of new firmare in "phone load name". and without success.

Ratheesh Kumar
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

Hi there


Could you share the default load on these phones and the version which you tries to upgrade. Did you upload the files to all the TFTP nodes and then a restart of the service ?



Hope this helps!


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the example.


a phone 6921 is loaded with SCCP69xx.9-4-1-3SR1 with SCCP

the device default for 6921 SCCP is SCCP69xx.9-4-1-3SR3


this is Software from OS Administration:


ciscocm.dst-updater.2011h-1.el5.7.1.5.cop Active
ciscocm.version3-keys.cop Active
cm-locale-ru_RU- Active
cmterm-69xx-sccp.9-4-1-3.cop Active
cmterm-69xx-SCCP.9-4-1-3SR3.k3.cop Active
cmterm-7911_7906-sccp.9-2-3.cop Active
cmterm-7911_7906-sccp.9-3-1SR4-1.cop Active
cmterm-7911_7906-sccp.9-4-2SR1-1.cop Active
cmterm-7911_7906-sccp.9-4-2SR3-1.k3.cop Active
cmterm-7921-sccp.1-4-1SR1.cop Active
cmterm-7921-sccp.1-4-2.cop Active
cmterm-7921-sccp.1-4-5-3.cop Active
cmterm-7921-sccp.1-4-6-3.cop Active
cmterm-7925-sccp.1-4-5SR1-3.cop Active
cmterm-7925-sccp.1-4-8SR1-5.k3.cop Active
cmterm-7942_7962-sccp.9-2-1.cop Active
cmterm-7942_7962-sccp.9-3-1SR2-1.cop Active
cmterm-7942_7962-sccp.9-3-1SR4-1.cop Active
cmterm-7942_7962-sccp.9-4-2SR3-1.k3.cop Active
cmterm-9951.9-2-1.cop Active
cmterm-9951.9-2-3-27.cop Active
cmterm-9951.9-4-1-9.cop Active
cmterm-9951.9-4-2SR1-2.cop Active
cmterm-9951.9-4-2SR4-1.k3.cop Active
cmterm-android_9.0.1v24.cop Active
cmterm-devicepack7.1.5.34091-1.cop Active
cmterm-devicepack7.1.5.36121-2.cop Active
localeinstaller Active


And TFTP service is activated only on publisher. All my info is about publisher.

Well, as I understand phones connected to the test CUCM somewhy. and after that I have to hardreset phones.

So thanks, my fault :)

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