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"Call may be recorded" how to play prompt to caller and still deliver call.

Security hotline team has group of phones with shared line for hotline calls.

Would like every call prefixed with "Your call may be recorded for quality assurance purposes".

Preferably within the call (to capture in recording) but before the call is acceptable option 

Do NOT have UCCX integration.

Unity 9.x and CUCM 10.5 environment.

Any solutions within or outside of Cisco CUCM/Unity?




Create a call handler in

Create a call handler in Unity. Route incoming calls to the call handler. Make the after greeting action attempt transfer and transfer the call to the shared line.



Re: Create a call handler in

I know this post is older but I have a question..

is Eccp/CURRI solution can play announcement before and during a call answer or just during or just before.

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Notice that using CUC for

Notice that using CUC for this purpose does not really scale, as you would need to configure the call flow for every DN, if you only need it for one those calls, then you're all set.

There are also some 3rd party options for this



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We are doing something very

We are doing something very similar with External Call Control Profile on the line in CUCM. We have an html file on a webserver setup to return a CURRI response that just plays an announcement via CUCM before all inbound calls to a hotline. This will play before the call and not during.

Let me know if you want more details.



Re: We are doing something very

Hi Spencer,


I'm looking for a new solution to play recording annoucement and CURRI seems definitely the way to go. Could you explain a bit further the exact call flow and what is required ? What kind of web request CUCM performs, what kind of answer is returned, who plays the announcement message and so on ?


Thanks a lot,





Re: We are doing something very

Hi Rémi,

We used this when we changed a few thousand phone numbers, it would play a message saying this persons number has changed then forward to the new number for the user. It uses the Announcments within CUCM itself to play the message so you can use the built it ones (there is a recording and monitoring one built it) or create your own. We then use an external call control profile to reference a webpage with a CURRI XML response to play the specified recording before we transfer to the new DID.

The call flow we have for this is PSTN SIP -> CUBE -> CUCM -> Translation Pattern for DID (External Call Control Profile Applied here) -> Translate to new DID

The External call control profile simply references a web page we made that returns the proper CURRI response (since this is static its very simple)


The webpage we host on one web server (you could host it on 2 for load balancing but since we have it fail to just allow the call that is not a concern for us) The code we use looks like this (this one should play the built in recording warning but you can replace the MonitoringWarning_00055 with the name of the Announcement you create)


<?xml encoding="UTF-8" version="1.0"?>
            <Obligation FulfillOn="Permit" ObligationId="urn:cisco:xacml:policy-attribute">
                <AttributeAssignment AttributeId="Policy:simplecontinue">
                    <AttributeValue DataType="">
					&lt;cixml version="1.0"&gt; 
							&lt;greeting identification=MonitoringWarning_00055&gt;



You then apply the external call control profile to the translation pattern (you should be able to apply this at the line level as well).


The one caveat is that early offer for SIP has to be working for this to work. We had to work with our PSTN carrier to get that working.

Hopefully this helps you get started.



Re: We are doing something very

Hi Spencer, thanks a lot for your feedback.


Actually, I figured that out in the meantime but still, this is helpful, thanks a lot!

We made it working with a colleague but now, we want to improve the script to involve some more steps and conditions.


I also thought about SIP early offer and I don't know if the provider supports it natively or not, I'll have to check.






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