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Unity Connection - create user account without mailbox?


I have to create a couple user accounts in UNity Conenction to allow the user to be searchable via the auto attendant. My question is can I create an account in Unity Connection (7.1.3b) without creating a mailbox?  I have a couple users that need accounts, the phone accounts are just going to then be forwarded to outside DIDs so they dont actually need Voicemail boxes in our system. 

Any advice is appreciated, thanks


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Is the example below what you are doing?


Contact Test

Transfer Extension 7445

Call Manager:

Directory Number 7445

Call Forward All XXXXXXXXXX



HTH Regards, Yosh

Yes, that is correct.

Essentailly the problem is that if I create a user a voicemail box then they are fully searchable and can be direct dialed from the AA, if I dont crreate them a voicemail box, then they cannot be found.


Did you check the Restriction Tables as seen below:

- System Settings >> Restriction Tables >> Default SYSTEM  Transfer >> Look at the entry: *  >> Uncheck (unblock)the  blocked check-box of this entry. If you do not unblock this entry, when  you transfer the call, the system will response "You cannot be  transferred to this number. Check the number and try again"



HTH Regards, Yosh

Rob Huffman
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Hey Luke,

I'll just add an example to the good tips from Yosh (+5 "Y")

In my test I'm using 8600 as the newly created "Contact" in CUC

If I dial our main AA I can find 8600 in the voice enabled directory, and

I can also find 8600 via a dial by extension directory but without

changing the active greeting setting;

Allow Transfers to Numbers Not Associated with Users  or Call Handlers

and the Default System transfer restriction table I can't direct dial 8600 from AA

So I must adjust the Default System transfer restriction table as below;

The top most rule in our Default System transfer restriction table is


and is blocked on our system

But if I add 86??* above it in the table;

86??* - allow

This now allows transfers (direct dial) to the 86xx range of numbers even if they do not have a mailbox

on Unity Connection



I just had this same issue and it as only fixed when I modified my "Default Outdial" table instead of "Default System Transfer".  Does that sound right???


This is probably the best explanation for this:

Directory handlers provide directory assistance  that callers can use to reach Cisco Unity Connection users who have  mailboxes and who are listed in the directory. When a caller searches  for a user name or part of a name, a directory handler looks up the  extension and routes the call to the appropriate user. Callers can also  enter an extension to place a call from a directory handler; the  extension is checked against the applicable outcalling restriction table  if the caller is a user, or against the Default Outdial restriction  table if the caller is an outside caller.

Hope this helps



HTH Regards, Yosh
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