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Hi,I am trying to get SIP trunk status using XML API query (selectCmDevice RisPort query).Following is the Cisco documentationRef# ...

pravi_007 by Level 1
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im polling call manager processes and im finding that for the most part they are in the "Sleeping State"  at first I thought that I was matching the wrong code up but then i double/triple checked it against docs and against the counter description in...

doug syer by Level 1
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Hi everybody,just a small question:In CUCM 10/11 is no "Primary User Device" field in the web interface for adding/updating end users in cucm. But there is still a "primaryDevice" parameter left in axl 10/11. Is this field deprecated as it cannot be ...

In CUCM versions prior to V10, I could send an addDeviceProvide request and skip the phoneTemplateName element.In CUCM 10 schema, its marked as nillible=true, but I get an error when I pass <phoneTemplateName/> or if I omit it completely.      If I l...

Hello everybody,we are looking for way how i can create service in CUCM 10.5 with IP phone CP-9971 how i can open door by push soft buttonat now Door Phone ringing to Group, after pickup call i can see image from camera but i must pust "0*" for open ...

I have been doing a little digging around trying to find a way to do this, but I haven't found one yet, so I thought I would ask. I would like to gather a list of log files for a service for a reltime of 1 week. I don't necessarily want to push them ...

caten by Cisco Employee
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I have successfully got the lines for all the devices in CUCM using the following AXL SQLQuery: <soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv="" xmlns:ns="">    <soapenv:Header/>        <soa...

Hi all, CUCM 10.5.2SU2a.I can do a getPhone axl Call and get phone templates out of the database           <phone ctiid="89" uuid="{83179891-17A2-D718-3A50-79F654881318}">               <name>joetest</name>               <description/>               ...

I am trying to add a phone with Python via AXL using SUDS/SUDS-jurkoPython version = 3.4SUDS-Jurko - 0.6AXL WSDL = 10.0I am running into an issue where the CUCM "class" element needed to add a phone is being converted (I think by SUDS) to "cls" (I th...

Would it be possible to configure a SIP trunk per recording group from CUCM to MediaSense.  Then do a custom API so that a manager of a specific group can getSessions and have Device ref or Device ID be the SIP trunk associated to their group?

We use Microsoft LYNC for click to callEnd User Configuration in Call Manager, Controlled devices are associated to the user as well as Device profiles.Once more than one device is associated to the user the user must choose which device LYNC should ...