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Following config is not adding communities as under routemap.any ideas as to why.I posted some show outputs but it gets blocked as spam.  May try to add in next reply.VRF and routemap names have been changed.vrf definition xxxxcomrd 65411:1route-targ...

micfan by Beginner
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Need support to find the solution for the issue with SR policy        PE_1#sh segment-routing traffic-eng policy name TEST Name: TEST (Color: 300 End-point: : CLIStatus:Admin: up, Operational: down for 01:29:18 (since 03-26 12:12:22.2...


Hi All,I have a quick question regarding route-distinguishers.  In an ISP cloud using MP-iBGP VPNv4 to carry customer routes, do the route-distinguishers on different PE routers (each servicing the same customer at different locations) need to have t...

yuchenglai by Beginner
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I am trying to build an EVPN VPWS service between Cisco ASR9K (XR6.4.2. sp 10) and Сisco NCS540 (XR 7.2.2). I have one ASR9K and two NCS540 for the remote site. On the remote site (NCS540) client switch is connected for each PE, and the interface has...

I have issue with ROUTING-FIB-4-RETRYDB_NONEMPTY on my Cisco NCS540fib_mgr[157]: %ROUTING-FIB-4-RETRYDB_NONEMPTY : One or more FIB object(s) have been in IPv4 retry queue for at least 86400 secondsHas anyone encountered this problem? What happes ? sh...

Hi All Am tying to establish LDP neighbour between 2 devices but its not coming up.. Both sides saying they are sending and receiving but neighbour is not coming up.  In-between these 2 devices there are one Layer2 switch (Cisco 9200 Version 17.3.6) ...

Psmurali89 by Beginner
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Hi There is a connection between New York to California via mpls. The second connection is via public internet. mpls is private connection. Generally can we say mpls is fast than public internet? The answer might be depends. How do you think about it...

Leftz by Enthusiast
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