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Resolved! ACS and Windows Server

I have installed ACS 5.2 on a machine and I am trying to integrate with that Windows Server 2003 ( Active Directory ) . On the ACS when i do test connection it shows me sucess but when i save the setting it gives me Time error . I kept the clock and ...

TACACS+ Authorization 5.2

Hello!Help me please with TACACS Authorization on ACS 5.2.Authorization  works fine, users with 15 privelege lvl can use any command, users with  2 privilege lvl use only show command, the problem is with showing deny  command of users with privilege...

ToX1c1986 by Beginner
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ACS 1112 Led

Hello Friends, It seems that my google and community searching has not been successful in any way to finding the meaning of the led color of a ACS 1112.I have a client who opened a service request asking for the cause of an amber led blinking in this...

ACS 5.3 TWO mac address

Hi friend,I have a solution of thre ACS.. one primary and two secondaries. My customer report me that in port of the switch where is connected the ACS show two mac address+++ Switch CORE Configuratión +++SWSCSISCORE01#show running-config interface g3...

mhuaynate by Beginner
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Resolved! ACS bulk edit problem with some WCS attributes

Hi thereI just wanted to import the WCS TACACS+ SuperUsers attributes on ACS via the new bulk edit feature. If I trye the following attributes and click submit, my admin user is logged out of the web GUI and the changes are not saved:task13=...

Resolved! TAC+: TCP/IP open to failed -- Connection timed out; remote host not responding

 TACACS+ configured on router and router is in ACS.  I can ping the ACS but the router cannot establish a connection to authenticate users. aaa group server tacacs+ hq_acs-1server tacacs source-interface GigabitEthernet0/0!aaa authentica...

carlbryant by Beginner
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ACS 4.1 Dynamic users

Hi Everyone,      I configured 3 NAPs (VPN, Wireless, 802.1X) in the  ACS 4.1 and they're working ok, but when someone removes the dynamic users for some reason it deletes all data from the default account, for instance in my case my account to manag...

ochalmers by Beginner
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Privileges and Roles Based Views

Hello,I have been confguring Roles based Views with Windows radius authentication on our 2960's and 3750's and it is working great.  I have 2 users, one with a Roles Base View called "priv3" and the other is for admins of login as the "root" view.  I...

Andy White by Participant
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Not able to authenticate with local account on Cisco 2960 when Cisco AAA is not available

Dear Expert,I have installed Cisco ACS 4.2. I am trying to get authenticate using local user account on cisco 2960 after making Cisco ACS unavailable, but unfortunately not able to authenticate and receiving authentication failed messages. my aaa con...

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