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Cisco Access Control Server (ACS), Identity Services Engine (ISE), Zero Trust Workplace
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I have implement ise and enabled ise posture at client environment. Policy rule configured as if domain id and posture status pass will get full access.  What if someone setup a laptop with same domain and pass posture, will he able to access network...

Hi, After i go through the document ISE Posture Style Comparison for Pre and Post 2.2, I'm having some question about the step 20 regarding the posture module as shown below. Step 20. At this stage Anyconnect Posture Module initiates policy server de...

Hi, I have the following question and situation.  I have computer connected to Microsoft Azure AAD only not locally domain joined.These devices are registered inside intone.I would like to grant access to the WIFI if the device is in compliant inside...

hi, I tried to create CSR for system certificate, it is generated in the ISE but am unable to download the file, ISE keeps giving me a error unable to connect ISE Node(Same node with hostname).i tried to re generate the certificate it is giving me a ...

Arjun176 by Beginner
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we are about to deploy ISE NAC at our part of the design, i read about SGT Mapping. can someone explain the SGT-To-IP Mapping? (how can it scale?)can i map users (IP) to SGT? from what i have read the use of SGT-To-IP Mapping is for few IP ...

Oron Yaniv by Beginner
  • 4 replies
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Hello Experts,   The requirement is to provide different level of access to employees/contractors based on the department/BU they belong to. The employees/contractors would fall into different groups, e.g. employee1, employee2, contractor1, contracto...

raksec by Cisco Employee
  • 8 replies
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Is this a valid design for ISE 2.6? I don't see any issues as long as the latency between the PSN in country Y and nodes in country X is less than 300ms?Main site is in Country X with two nodes as admin/monitoring/psn personas. Country Y has an offic...

Screen Shot 2019-11-26 at 5.31.07 pm.jpg

Hello,Is it possible to use client ip address to limit vpn accessi.e write authorization policy which would use Cisco-AVPair = ""or Calling-Station-ID to match against defined subnetAs per documentation both are of type strin...

judiljak by Beginner
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Hi:I am attempting to follow the Cisco TrustSec Deployment guide ( far things have been going well. I am at the point of adding in my Seed dev...

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