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When I do an SNMP poll of some ports on a switch, I get these results:(tcl)#snmp_getbulk public 0 9 dot3adAggPortActorOperState.10100{<obj oid='dot3adAggPortActorOperState.10101' val=''/>}{<obj oid='dot3adAggPortActorOperState.10102' val='<'/>}{<obj ...

Is there an script that can monitor interface errors (input and output errors) and send an email out when it reaches threshold?ThanksSent from Cisco Technical Support iPhone App

aamit by Level 1
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Greetings earthlingsMy master's Nexus 7000 devices are churning out thousands of messages towards our syslog; these messages are bogus and need to be dismissed (warnings of our pen testing server hitting them on standard SNMP strings PUBLIC and PRIVA...

Hello everyone,we are trying to use CSM 3.3.1 for central IOS Update on several ASA Firewalls. But wenn we try to go to "Tools --> Device OS Management --> Software Distribution" we get the following Error. (See attached File)My Question is, what els...

Good time of day.Help me please  with next  question:Does the router 2911 support Netflow  for ipv6?I see that  2911 support Netflow v9 but  i dont see  comands for setup.IOS version 15.1Thank you  a lot   for advice.

Alexrugik by Level 1
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