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Dears, I want to change the client service port from 443 to some other port, I want to know which port range should be used for this client services, if I m not wrong the private port cannot be used.   crypto ikev2 enable OUTSIDE client-services port...

Dears, I was trying to setup ikev2 L2L vpn but couldn't manage to setup , I will try again to setup where it is failing only the thing that I want here is how I can easily see the debugs logs in ASDM or on terminal becz when I run debug crypto ikev2 ...

Resolved! Self Zone

How will the traffic be affected if policy from the self zone is removed ? A. all traffic will be inspected.B. traffic will not be inspected.C. traffic will be passed with logging action.

CCOCNSC21 by Level 1
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Hi !   I have a error when connecting to AD Server Windows 2016. I have followed all the steps in "" but still get this error "unable to...

unable to read the security logs1.png

i want to make sure i get this because it's driving me a bit mad. class-map ftp  match port tcp eq 21 class-map http  match port tcp eq 21 [it should be 80] policy-map test  class ftp   inspect ftp  class http    inspect http This example on Cisco's ...