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Hi!Is there any new info regarding case CSCso70867? (ASA doesn't support SAN attributes for the enrollment request)Can ASA 9.1 create CSR for multisan certificate?If not, is there any described procedure for using OpenSSL, as suggested in Workaround?...

hi,   if one have bought ASA5516-FPWRBUN (see attached). i beleive its ASA (5516-x) with firepower. this is not deployed yet. is it possible to configure unified image i.e FTD on ASA rather than separate images (i.e ASA with firepower) using the supp...

nareh84 by Level 3
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I'm currently converting from ASA 5525 to FirePower 2140 w/FMC. As I am auditing my current ASA I see there are lots of No-nat rules with hitcnt=0 these look to be at (0) for a long period of time. I wanted to understand does the NO_NAT rules actuall...

ok, this is strange. I have 2 5525's in failover mode and both are becoming active, since they cannot communicate with each other. I did a write erase on my standby to start over. I then configured the failover interface, we are using channel port, 0...

netspazz by Level 1
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Hello Everyone,   we are replacing FMC 1500 with 4500, what are the steps do I need to follow in order to configure everything like sensors, policies from 1500. how do I sync the config from 1500 to 4500? can we export backup file from 1500  and impo...

Harish@ by Level 1
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Hi Guys,    I have a client who has the ASA-SSP-IPS40-K9= module installed on the 5585. Its now complaining  that the license is expired.    The module is eol and I cannot find which license the module is requiring.   Please find attached show versio...

lu2nqini1 by Level 1
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My setup: 8 Static IP w/ 5 Usable. No NAT (In or Out). Using Zones. Each device on the Network has its own (Real) STATIC. My dilemma: Any Interface and any IP has outgoing communication just fine. My Incoming (more specific) my Email Server allows no...

fbeye by Level 4
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