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hi out there I have a ASA5545-X which from time to time behaves a bit strange - it encounters overrun on a dual 1G portchannel: t#   sh int | inc overrun        48300 input errors, 0 CRC, 0 frame, 48300 overrun, 0 ignored, 0 abort        32516 input...

tiwang by Level 3
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Every time I try to change the inside port IP, it fails. Nothing it written tot he ASA. I can change the outside from DHCP to any IP, but when I change the default to my 172.20 .x.x scheme, nothing. Just the spinning cursor and the error ...

Hi.I've got an annoying problem with my ASA 5520.I have traffic going from the inside interface (security level 100) to the outside interface (security level 0) with a global PAT applied to the outside interface address for all inside traffic - and I...

darren.g by Level 5
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HI i have tried ASDM configuration on ASA 5525X but not able to achieved . Please share the configuration example on this.. Note: I have configured with  Port channel with sub interface in 5525x and plz confirm if any software need to be installed i...

I was accessing ASA through OUSIDE interface (I'm in a remote site) by ASDM and SSH without any problem, but when I set nat (INSIDE.OUTSIDE) static interface in order to NAT everything from inside to outside, I suddenly losted contact with the ASA. D...