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Hi Guys, I am trying to configure a Fiber port in FPR-2100 series but the lights on the port is not turning green, it stays amber all the time.- I have connected a SFP to the port and connected a cable from the Fiber port to the switch but the light ...

Visauk47 by Level 1
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Hi, my 3850 is on install mode , i try to copy running config of other 3850 ( it’s on bundle mode) to my switch. After wr configs it doesn’t boot and try to find .bin file.i can boot manually by “ boot flash:packages.conf” but after reliad i have sam...

Raminkn20 by Level 1
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Hi,I have cisco ASA 5525-X in pair unit, however my customer need to used the IPS feature. What will i do first to activate IPS module ? download the image first , buy license or etc? This is my cisco ASA status :sh module allMod Card Type Model Seri...

Hi AllI am having issues getting DUO sso to work on my Cisco ASA, the error we are getting is below, it says assertion failed with the below error.Any ideas what this could be?PHNhbWxwOlJlc3BvbnNlIHhtbG5zOnNhbWw9InVybjpvYXNpczpuYW1lczp0YzpTQU1MOjIuMD...

Hi All,I'm currently deploying a couple of Cisco 3140 firewalls that I need to setup to use user identity so that I can configure access polices using AD users/groups. When I looked at this previously, this used an agent on AD however this has since ...

Morning,Im having an issue with ZBF. It needs to allow the guest zone to the inside zone to allow the guest zone to redirect to Cisco ISE webauthentication, which doesn't seem to work.  Anyone any ideas? Config below:Guest Interface:interface Gigabit...

Is it possible to use two different versions of Anyconnect client for different VPN users. We are planning to upgrade the anyconnect client version, before rolling it out for entire users, needed to check for 2 or 3 users. Can the new Anyconnect pkg ...

manvik by Level 3
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