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We are having ASA 5580 in active-standby mode all interfaces are gig interfaces, due to high traffic on inside interface we want to bundle two ports for inside. Now problem is that the device is under production and is having more than around 400 lin...

bhushit17 by Beginner
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Hi Guys,      My firewall has admin,system and manually created context.i want each context to back up the configuration to the prime machine,at the moment it only takes admin context. Can you provide me an idea how should i do it ?  And also how to ...

I have a customer using an ASA 5505 who we do very little work for so very often when they ask us to do some work it's something we've not touched before as in this case. I'm trying to setup VPN so the users can connect into the office network and I ...

Hi All, I have a IP SLA and track configured in ASA. I want to get a SNMP trap or a syslog alert when these go down. FW# sh sla monitor operational-state Entry number: 1Modification time: 22:07:31.216 CEST Tue Mar 15 2016Number of Octets Used by this...

Hi I am trying to setup a capture using type asp-drop to capture dropped traffic between a internal network and an external network and I need to monitor the drop for 24hrs. I am using the commands capture cap1 type asp-drop all match ip source sub...

Mokhalil82 by Enthusiast
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Hi,   Please help me to understand how the acl works on asa code 9.x   If i want to block a host ( from dmz  zone to outside (internet access ) and rest of the network should access .How can i do that ?   Which acl  from  below (1,2,3 &...

elite2010 by Participant
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