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dear allI cannot connect to internet also status and protocol all up and dsl  test successful when using  cisco configuration professional can you help? my configuration as belowsho runBuilding configuration...Current configuration : 3722 bytes!versi...

I'm about to use a new PIX 501 firewall.I've attached the configuration I intend to use.I simply need to allow all outbound traffic, and allow inbound traffic only on specific IPs/ports to specific IPs/ports as in the "static" commandsDo you think th...

sambsamb1 by Beginner
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We have been facing a problem as mentioned below.   Whenever we are making any change in client firewall rules at ASA and asking the user to reconnect VPN, it is not getting connected. Even though I have reverted the rule as well but the problem stil...

I an an IT guy unfamiliar with Cisco equipment, but I have a customer who has installed in their home a Cisco router (Model 867VAE-K9).To make their home LAN family friendly, the parents want to filter out all the bad stuff for websites. I suggested ...

Hi CommunityBelow is a config example but I'd like to understand how the ACL's work on the BVI and dialer0 interface. The BVI has OUTBOUND-ACL coming IN which is permit ip any any, however the dialer0 interface has INBOUND-ACL coming IN which only ha...

I want to deny this IP range        –       – Permit only 1 host         Using access-list. ( Current configuration  ) ip nat inside source list 101 i...

joel.palen by Beginner
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Hi, We have a customer site and datacentre. On the customer site there is  accesss Switch and ASA firewall, from the firewall we have a ISP link and P2P link connected to Switch on our datacentre.                                                      ...

cawaafe79 by Beginner
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Good Morning,We would like to update our Network infrastructure which has the fallowing equipment and softwareCisco Router ( C3900-UNIVERSALK9-M)Cisco Switch (C2960-LANBASE-M)Cisco ASA ( 5525- version 8.6(1)2 ) with a VPN Premium licenseCisco CallMan...

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