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Hi,I have a ASA 5500 running 9.X image. My Squid proxy is in same network. I would like to redirect my all web traffic (http and https) to Squid box. No idea how do I proceed with best practice ? please help. Thank you.ASA inside and Squid running in...

I am struggling here and not sure what I need to do but think it should be fairly straight forward.  I grew up on old IOS and IGS/MGS/CGS routers but have been out of the industry for quite some time so a lot of the new commands are foreign to me.  S...

Todd Vohs by Level 1
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Hi Experts, This time for your advice on below point..1) Recently we were having a vulnerability assessment testing(through a tool) on  network and observation are :-"SSH Weak MAC Algorithms Enabled,SSH is configured to allow MD5 and 96-bit MAC algor...

Hi,Im connecting to my firewall through the console port, and need to know how to reset it to factory defaults. I have looked around online and can not see any reference on how to do this.Any help would be much appreciated thanks.

CCB by Level 1
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Hi It has been a couple of years since I last had my hands on the ASA firewall - but a question popped up the other day, which I could not answer.. Is it possible to do policy based destination PAT from the outside to inside interfaces - based on sou...

Brian I by Level 1
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hi,i'm trying to redirect ALL traffic to a firepower module on an ASA5515x.could someone advise what's the best way to do it or both achieve the same thing?option 1:class-map global-class match anypolicy-map global_policy class global-class  sfr fail...

Hi , I have some services running behind  fwsm . sometimes i am not able to connect to the services behind fwsm .for example services running port 8888,i have permitted icmp .but i cant ping the interface ip. ( .server behind fwsm are i...

I want to access Web Server from inside. My Web server is located in DMZ (IP: So how to NAT and create ACLs??? P/s: my English is not good!!! :D   

Below is my configuration setting a tcp half closed sessions applied to the outside interface. ACLaccess-list tcp_timeout extended permit tcp any host static_mapped_outside_IP eq 443  Class Map  class-map tcp_timeout_cmapmatch access-list tcp_timeout...

Hi,I have a question about the Cisco ASA 5516-X model. I'm doing a comparison between 5516-X and 5525-X models on link:, and I noted that ...

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