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ASA 5585 Object Exporting

Hello, I have a network object group that contains individual objects and additional object groups. Is there a way to export this showing the IP address, netmask and description? I don't really mind having to export more than what I'm specifically lo...

Resolved! IOS hash check

I am attempting to check my organization's IOS hashes. I have some that have been saved on a word document, but I do not trust that these are the latest. Can anyone point me in the right direction? where can I verify these values?

hsosa1977 by Beginner
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Resolved! Can I create a network object from CIDR format or do I need to use IP - netmask?

Have a cisco ASA running ASA V 8.3Wondering what the correct syntax is or even if it is possible to create a network object from a list of IP's in CIDR format? Typically just do this:Create network-objectobject-group network namenetwork-object 1.2.3....

JustMike2 by Beginner
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Guest Password

My internet was set up by Hughes Net.  I have a guest connection BUT HAVE NEVER KNOWN the GUEST PASSWORD.  How do I find this out so my guests are not using my work related internet? It's been a year! 

ASA 5520 Source based Routing

Hi Friends,I am using an ASA 5520 (Software Version 7.0(8)) and having a challenge with routing. I have 3 interfaces - Trust, Untrust and Untrust-1 with Security levels set to 100, 0 and 25 respectively.  Trust is our LAN network, Untrust is connecte...

IOS XR - Limiting ICMP packets

Just curious if anyone know much about the best way to limit ICMP packets in IOS XR (ASR9001).  While with IOS it's recommended to use the Control Plane, it doesn't seem to be the option here. I do see that if I blocked ICMP all together I can limit ...

ASA Only allowing one host out

I have configured an ASA 5505 with version 9.2.1 from scratch. I have set up my internal network on VLAN 1 and VLAN2 to get IP Add and route via DHCP. I also have set up pat to use the outside address so users can reach the internet. DHCP...

Implement QoS on ASA 5585

HelloI have an upstream switch, Nexus 9396, from our ASA 5585. The upstream switch terminates a 10Gb/s metro E connection for data replication and another 50Mb/s connection used for remote VPN users. How do I configure QoS on the outside interface of...

mlenco by Beginner
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Resolved! No NAT convertion to 9.x from 8.0 question

I had something like this on the 8.0nat (inside) 0 access-list 100access-list 100 extended permit ip 100 extended permit ip ...

burleyman by Collaborator
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Sizing ASA

Hi!!I need to propose two ASA (Active-Active) for an edge MPLS Link (100Mbps). Actually, I have 3200 persons in the building.I was thinking in a ASA 5555-X  but I am not sure if this device is enough.Do you think is enough or I need a ASA 5585 SSP X?...

ASA "Show resource usage"

Result of the command: "show resource usage"Resource               Current        Peak      Limit        Denied ContextSSH                          0           5          5            44 SystemSyslogs [rate]              77        1804        N/A    ...

7happysun by Beginner
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