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We have a requirement that we monitor a non-routable network at a remote location. The FW is operational for all other functions I am adding the items listed be low Here is the config items on the FW 5505 with base license. interface Vlan1 nameif ins...

I got new asa 5512 with ver 9.1 on it and I am trying to do a static nat, but it did not work. here is my config: object network hst- host nat (inside,outside) static 173.x.x.xobject-group service svcgrp- tcp ...

ziaeecABC by Level 1
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I can see the command I need to run from the link below. of how to do it.   However it looks like when it is done, it requires a reboot.  Does this reboot the whole ASA or just the CX module (see below).  You are inside of the CX module, so I am gues...

I want people on the outside going to to be allowed and be redirected to inside address192.168.168.242outside interface IP address is is what I was going to configure, will this accomplish what I want?obj...

burleyman by Level 8
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I have 2 ASA 5510 with image 8.21. When I have to switch from main ASA to BKP ASA, I boot my BKP ASA and then unplug the cables manually from main ASA and plug them into BKP ASA.But the problem is that I become unable to access the internet for a ver...

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