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Hello All,I am haveing some truble with my ASA getting authentication from one of my Tacacs Servers. I have two diffrent ethernet handofs to two diffrent Routers of the ASA that are getting the Tacacs Authenticatrion. One is on the DMZ interface and ...

zippy_831 by Beginner
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                   Hi,I have  A/A failover of two ASA . As per documents, I can go for total four Contexts (with default of 2 on each chassis). How do I verify the combined license ? The show activation-key details just show two context license...reg...

Hi everyone,I wanted to create a static NAT by following Cisco's documentation for ASA 9.1 firmware. Inside network is using PAT without any issues but  ASA is not doing NAT for some internal servers from outside. I tried to troubleshoot but I have n...

1johnsmith by Beginner
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Hi Guys,hope someone can help,I currently hace a ASA 5505 with 8.4(7) software and ASDM 7.15 installed.For love no money can I get the ASDM working on my pc, I am running windows 7 (64bit), I have installed java 6u33 which people seemed to have menti...

a.burchell by Beginner
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Hi,I'm trying to figure out the best way to consolidate the long ACL I created, so that my 3560G won't have to spend alot of time processing it. It's purpose is to limit the access for certain users after they use VPN to connect to work. The picture ...

Hi All ,  We have done a VA testing on our ASA using Nessus tool . In the same we got the following observation .SSH Server CBC Mode Ciphers EnabledSSH Weak MAC Algorithms Enabled I am attaching the detailed report for the same . Kindly revert so tha...

tusharp81 by Beginner
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I have many ASA 5510 & 5520 that need updating and I have been trying to find a way to automate the process. Several of the devices are running in Active/Active mode(Primary is active and the Secondary is in Standby mode). I have been looking through...

This configuration is beyond my understanding of Cisco natting.  Actually most of it is beyond, but I set it up anyway.We have two connections out of our building.  Our internet link (named SirenTel), and a connection to the state network which is fo...

I have this Senario as in attatchemnt      i have WEB Server into the Inside Network is NAT to Outside      when a client in the Outside Trying to Use the Resolved IP from the DNS the DNS reply by the IP that on the Inside for the Server itself befor...

Hello,Is it possible to limit number of connections per second on ASA 5520 8.2(5) (with IPS module) in a way where it will not drop the connection beyond a certain threshold, but instead redirects rate limited connections to an Apache virtual host th...

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