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Resolved! NAT Help

Hi –I just wanted to verify my config and make sure I’m doing this correctly. I’m setting up a new ASA VPN firewall for all our vendor site-to-site connections. I don’t want to expose my inside subnets to the vendors so I was going to carve out subne...

Hi Everyone,I need to change the IP address of the server.I need to confirm what Firewall Rules will need to change when this server’s IP Address changes for any existing services, if there are any.I checked the firewall for existing rules.Currently ...

mahesh18 by Frequent Contributor
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Hey I was wondering what would be the way for me to setup my network. I have:1 ASA 55101 Cisco 1841 2 Cisco 877 modemsBoth modem have an active internet connection. I use one for internet for users and the other for VPN traffic. Now I want to integra...

                   Hi AllCould anyone assist me help the above issuse, I had already created a discussion and was helped byone of the community but could not resolve the issue.I have attached a link in regards to carrying out troubleshooting with Jou...

Hi,We would like to configure site-to-site VPN between 2 sites.the IP address used in the 2 sites are the same, so we need to nat our internal IP address when it communicates to the peer.we use ASA 5515X, with IOS version 8.6(1)2we tried the followin...

I've got an ASA 5505 on my hands, with the enterprise license.  In the  example above, VPN "22" tunnel is up & passes traffic just fine.   VPN "11" won't come up.  I think I'm missing something.  is it related  to the two lines at the bottom?crypto m...

abatson by Beginner
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Hello,We currently run ASA 5520's at our CO and our Production Controls Manager is looking for an easy way to view the ASA logs for certain users activity and also for external IP's hitting our outside interface. I am not very knowlegeable when it co...

Kyle Smith by Beginner
  • 1 replies
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There is a site that we are trying to connect to that appears to only accept TLSv1.  When we try to connect from behind the ASA, it looks like TLS is not being permitted.  Based on a packet capture, it looks like the client is only trying SSL, which ...

Hello All!I have something that I hope someone can give me a hand with. I have taken over a network with an existing ASA already configured and working perfectly. Right now the inside interface subnet is and we would like to change it t...

djl7780 by Beginner
  • 3 replies
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