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Hi Cisco wizards,I'm having an issue with my NAT exemption on some ASA 5515-Xs running 8.6.There is one rule for nat exemption that is taking internet-bound traffic and sending it back out the inside interface.nat (inside,any) source static any any d...

tnplenary by Level 1
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Hello,Does a router require a Firewall license in order to apply an ACL in the inward direction on an outside interface?  I have a router which I use to NAT our internal network and I want to apply a simple ACL to block unwanted access to the router ...

Hi Guys,I am new in ASA world and would like to find out is this possible to make L3 interface VLAN for Public Network 2 and assign int 0/4 and 0/5 into this VLAN? Does it support bridge groups?(PUBLIC Network 1) --------int 0/0 ASA ---(PUBLIC Networ...

glebpe185 by Level 1
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                   I'm trying to address all security vulnerabilities identified by our scanner.  One of them is "Open HTTP Proxy Server Detected".I have a Cisco 6509-E switch.   How do I address this issue??   I already have "no ip http server" conf...

randal975 by Level 1
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RTR_BUS:  Cisco 2901RTR_CUST:  Cisco 2901FW:  ASA5505Working to connect hosts between differnet subnets with an ASA5505 in between.  Relative configs / design is attached.The only requirement is to permit host at to be able to access ho...

tsrader by Level 1
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We have recently acquired a new company and we are in the process of integrating them into our network. What we would like to happen is to allow 2 distinct subnets full access to our network, we do not plan to limit the applications or protocols pass...

Hi to all, i'm new on this forum. I need to set on my CISCO 5512X a public IP without NAT.I have 2 External configuration with 2 different subnet - 1 Internal.Now many webhosting control panel like Cpanel not accept NAT 1:1 for now, then i need to as...

Acidflame by Level 1
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I'm freshly in charge of a Cisco ASA5510 firewall, and need to get its  syslog sent to someplace where I can see it.   Here's the pertinent part  of the config:logging enablelogging timestamplogging monitor debugginglogging history notificationsloggi...

abatson by Level 1
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Hi All,BACKGROUNDWe have configured an ASA for dual WAN redundancy using SLA monitors, ISP1 is a dynamic IP address with Virgin media, and ISP2 (failover) has a static IP address.PROBLEMWhen we try to configure the static routes we need the default g...

veltech by Level 1
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I have a ASA services module running in a 6500I have configured a firewalled vlan for management (172.25.50.x) and applied a permissive access list inbound and outbound to itI added the ASA as a client on the Cisco ACS (tacacs) server and double-chec...

Hello,can someone pease explain when the untranslate_hits counts up on a PAT rule.I use ASA 8.4 and found in some PAT rules untraslate_hits are not 0 as expected.As PAT can only be build in one direction. How can i found a mapped to original hitcount...

Hello everybody.We've got a cluster with two ASA5515-X devices. We don't have AVC or WSE functionalities, because we don't need them, but, instead, our ASA devices have got a SSD 120GB hard drives.Is it possible to configure them for the logs are sto...

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