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any help would be much appreciated.: Saved_CrashThread Name: Dispatch UnitIllegal operation: Illegal operand    vector 0x00000006       edi 0x6e9340f8       esi 0x000041d1       ebp 0x6e71d718       esp 0x6e71d6fd       ebx 0x40011e00       edx 0x000...

Hello,I have an ASA 5510 running 8.4(3) image. ASA has two lan interface name nameif lan0 and nameif lan1. DHCP server reside  behind lan0 interface. we have created DHCP scope for lan1 segment pool. Both interface has L2 switch behind ASA means DHCP...

Anukalp S by Level 1
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I have a client who is trying to force all Google searches to have the Safe Search feature enabled.  They are a small shop running only an ASA 5505 with no proxy server or any other web filtering in place.  Is there any way with this ASA to force Goo...

hii´m using a macbook OS 10.8.4 for configuring ASA´s with ASDM since i upgraded one of my ASA´s to 9.1.2 with ASDM 7.1.3 and i can´t launch ASDM anymore.I tryed chrome, firefox and safari.i upgraded java to 7.4 ...nothing -> i still don´t ...

HiI have a site 2 site setup.( )Site A <-> Site B ( site B I have a webserver and it is being NAT'ted on the outside of Site A this part works like a charm with this nat rule.nat (outside,outside) source static obj-192.1...

Hello Everyone I am new to ASA & I need some help to configure it (or say to solve my problem). I am looking the answer for following qus. (Refer to diagram) Q1)  ASA 5510 is not able to ping directly connected router (R1) on int f0/0. But Router (...

Sabby0151 by Level 1
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i have the following config on FWSM:!class-map inspection_defaultmatch default-inspection-traffic!!policy-map global_policyclass inspection_default  inspect dns maximum-length 512   inspect ftp   inspect h323 h225   inspect h323 ras   inspect netbios...

How do Cisco ASA firewall with version 7.2(5)4 behave if we are using two PAT IPs for wide source network.nat(inside) 1 1 1 can see from firewall logs that one source IP f...

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