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Resolved! How can I know the FQDN & names for installing a Public Digital Certificate in ISE?

We're implementing a project with Cisco ISE; but the Guest Portal appears to users as an "untrusted site". For solving that, a Public Digital Certificate must be installed in Cisco ISE, for it to send it to the users who enter the Guest Web Portal.No...

ASA 5505 base license

Hi TeamI have an ASA 5505 with base license, I require configuring this ASA as a firewall and content filtering, my question is if I can have this license with these features.Thank youRegards

yesenia-m by Beginner
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ASDM: Enabling History Metrics

I am currently using ASDM v6.4 and would like to enable the historic metrics feature to view/produce graphs/tables for interface using the Last 5 days, every 2 hours option.  Can you tell me how this will impact performance and storage space on the d...

HA version exchange: out of buffer?

System message on the console port for an HA pair, can't find any reference to it in any documentation, hoping you can help me decipher the meaning of the following:HA version exchange: out of buffer Switching to Active Switching to StandbyHA version...

plao by Cisco Employee
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show access-list | include

Couple questions on show with include1. Can you do a show command with include and a space meaning can you search for say "permit ip"?2. Can you do a search for an exclude say "show access-list | exclude eq"?                  

IOS ZBF - VoIP Traffic

Hello,I'm implementing a project where will have a DMVPN in a hub-spoke topology with ZBF on spoke ISR G2 routers. The CUCM will be in Data Center behind Hub Router.I tried to configure ZBF in spoke routers allowing just signaling protocols to CUCM l...


Hello dear all,I need to log HTTP post request to webserver standing behind asa firewall, BUT I need to log variables that are inside the post request. I am able to match method post and request body that contains the request and the variables itself...

NAT Port Translation HELP!

I have a server on the inside of my network (with a internet Routable IP).  It has been requested to me that people from the internet access port 80, and that is translated at the firewall to port 7080.  I have set up a temp Access rule to allow acce...

ASA 8.4 NAT order question

In pre-8.3, NAT had a group number to match nat to global.How do I do this in 8.4?  I need a default pat (, but I also have specific pat for certain subnets.  How do I keep them from overlapping?  Will it check more specific nat statements fi...

Resolved! Could not configure ssh on ASA5515

Hello,We using a ASA 5515 with following software :[...]Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance Software Version 9.1(1) Device Manager Version 7.1(1)52Compiled on Wed 28-Nov-12 11:15 PST by buildersSystem image file is "disk0:/asa911-smp-k8.bin"[...]We nee...

blankguy7 by Beginner
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AIP-SSM-10 sensor upgrade

I have two ASA5520's with ASA-SSM-10 modules which are running Cisco Intrusion Prevention System, Version 6.0(6)E4. These are located at two different sites (one is local and the other remote from where I am based) and so are not running failover.I u...

pschwalger by Beginner
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