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What is the difference in the following:access-list 100 permit tcp any any a.b.c.d w.x.y.z eg 22access-list 100 permit tcp a.b.c.d w.x.y.z question is: does the 1st one allows only ssh traffic?does the 2nd on...

jonl711 by Beginner
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Hi Everyone,Need to confirm below is the right way to make changes in firewall when they are in multi context mode--Active ,Active Need to add ACL in 2 firewalls.Say ASA1 has two contexts admin and aWhen i logon to say IP  i go to ASA1/ad...

mahesh18 by Frequent Contributor
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Hi,my 5510 is running 8.3(2)27 and i want to go to latest 9.x release to get the NSEL feature to provide periodic byte counters.Is it possible to go directly to 9.1.2 or do i have to make all the intermediate steps to 8.4 and 9.0.I saw some releases ...

xboessler by Beginner
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Hi, I am configuring a pair of 5525X's running 9.1, migrating from some 5520's running 8.2.5, so the NAT portion obviously going to be different.Topology is straight forward.  4 interfaces, Inside, Outside, DMZ1 and DMZ2.  For some reason, all 3 inte...

rrfield by Beginner
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User is going to place a "three leg" 5505 ASA on site's existing LAN.Two PCs, one in each firewall's DMZ and PCN network will use a NAT'ed IP address that is on site's LAN.Question is: will the site's core layer-3 device require a "reverse" route poi...

Good morning.  I am having some trouble setting up a new ASA 5505.  I finished the config and before I put the ASA into production I decided to run the packet tracer on the ASDM.  the test packets seemed to pass fine through my ACLs however keep gett...

Hi,I am experiencing issues with the Auto Update feature for signature definitions for the 5525-X IPS module. I am using Cisco-Server auto-update with a proxy server (I am running the latest Engine Version).# sh verApplication Partition:Cisco Intrusi...

radu.ioncu by Beginner
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Hello Everyone,I Have two Firewalls 5585-X SSP20 work with HA in a single mode, i have a license key to work in multiple mode and enable 10 contexts, but, when i try to enable the new activation-key, i receive the message bellow:Validating activation...

Hi folks, hoping someone out there can point out why I am having a few difficulties on my network.We have 2 seperate internet connections protected by ASA Firewalls, one in our main datacenter and another in our DR datacenter. I have drawn a very sim...

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