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Hi,I am trying to add ASA  to CSM 4.3 via  Add  devices from network.ASA  has been config  with http  server  ip and mask   then inti get error  httpsConnectivity Test Failed. Time Elapsed: 127 seconds.  Unable to Communicate With Device  No response...

mahesh18 by Level 6
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Hi Wonderful People of This Community    Yet another ASDM issue. We can't seem to figure it out. Please help! We can't access the https webpage nor via ASDM (obviously).ASA 5505: Saved:ASA Version 8.4(6)!hostname mtcdcasadomain-name

milkboy33 by Level 1
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                   Hi Everyone,I need to add  ASA  which is  in production to CSM 4.3  using Add  Network device method.My concern is this ASA  is in multicontext  mode and if i add this to CSM  will it remove or change any config on ASA??As i am doi...

mahesh18 by Level 6
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Hy everybody,I have some doubt about the configuration of access-list and the security-level in the interfaces. In my configuration I'm using access-lists in all the interfaces (cisco asa 5525, IOS 9.1) and i'm using the same security-level for all t...

javi_cesp by Level 1
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Hi all,i have a trouble with cisco ise trying to authenticate an Active directory user, in the first time all things seem to be running succesfully but the user doesn't get the specified vlan and after a moment the dot1x fail.  this is the port's con...

                   We had previous changed the external port to interface 0/3 from 0/2 and labeled 0/2 Old-externalAny work within GUI on access lists now duplicates to both and if you disable on one you disable on both.Also no setup of public server...

mvanruit by Level 1
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