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Resolved! Redundant links on Firepower 1120

Hello. Does Firepower 1120 support link aggregation (e.g. LACP)? Does it support LAG with ASA software, or it must run FTD?Does Firepower 1120 support spanning tree, e.g. RSTP?Does Firepower 1120 support dynamic IPv4 routing (e.g. RIP, OSPF...)?If no...

sasha by Beginner
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ASA' proxy-arp doesnt work

I have multisubnet setup where clients behind one of the interfaces fail to configure default gateway properly. to speedup process i've configured NAT-rule (1st in chain)nat (VLAN.803,any) source static VLAN803 VLAN803 destination static BMUVLANS BMU...

Resolved! Error when configuring two EIGRP routing instanced with Firepower 4110 managed by FMC

We're needing a second EIGRP instance running on our FTD. One is configured via FlexConfig, but when I attempt to add a second instance with a different AS, the FPR generates the following error:TALDCFTD01 >> error : Too many IP routing processes for...

Resolved! Ac

I just noticed that an ACL shows in ASDM fine but nowhere to be found in running-config all!Could my NVRAM or something be bad on ASA5585?

ASA PAT Pool exhaustion

We have ASA PAT Pool exhaustion issue and show nat show the PAT pool allocated 64498.UDP PAT pool any, address x.x.x.x, range 1024-65535, allocated 64498 Could you please let me know how we can find which IP has mostly used the PAT translation for UD...

Pawan Raut by Enthusiast
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ACL firewall issue

Having an issue with the ACL firewall for my assignment where despite my ACL configurations, attempts to reach out or access my HQ devices from Branch through a VPN site-to-site has been explicit denied by my ACL. Meanwhile outside network is unable ...

Jin224 by Beginner
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