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Hi All,I used the GUI configuration tool for this ASA 5505. When I install it no traffic passes. I am wondering if someone can verify my config.          I have masked the usernames for VPN with xxxxxx and yyyyyyThanks in advanceciscoasa> enPassword:...

All,I am having trouble getting inter-VLAN routing to work on an ASA 5505 with Security Plus. I have tried creating permit ACLs between the VLANs, doing NAT exemptions, etc but have not had any luck. Trunking seems to work fine because traffic goes f...

r.stalets by Level 1
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Have Pix at my Remote office and currently the peer Ip is mapped to the A ASA location . I would like to know what are the changes needs to be made on the PIX and changes to be made on the New B ASA  Location . The Configuration on A&B looks almost ...

papann by Level 1
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Hola a todos!Desde hace varios días estoy intentado publicar mi servidor Web, el escenario es el siguiente:Ya he configurado lo principal del Firewall ASA5505Inside: Le he puesto la IP Pública que hemos adquirido (x.x.x.26)DMZ: ...

Hello,I am upgrading a active/standby pair of asas 5520's from 8.4.1 to 8.4.5. I am wondering if there is anything i need to be careful of. I do use a lot of Nat policys and i have had issues with 8.4.1 and proxy arp so i hard coded alot of my nat ip...

Running ASA ver 8.6(1)5.Question is do I need a license to run any connect from our Android platforms ?Currently have the following licenses installedLicensed features for this platform:Maximum Physical Interfaces       : Unlimited      perpetualMaxi...

dclee by Level 1
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I have 8.2 configuration that works:global (inside) 1 (outside) 1 access-list Servers outsidestatic (inside,outside) netmask (inside,outside) netmask (inside,out...

Tim Lewis by Level 1
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HelloWe have a pair of cisco Asa 5520 currently running multiple context mode. We wish to change to single context mode for following reasonWe will migrate infrastructure to hosted vendor . I was thinking of configuring site to site . Current Asa we ...

TGF_Cisco by Level 1
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