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NAC appliance: SSL certs renewal

Hello!I have the following question:SSL certificates are going to expire soon on my NAC Mgr, Srv and NGS. So after I'll generate new CSRs will the existing certficates still be valid and used?All systems are in production, and I don't have any testin...

New SSM40 install

Im working on configureing an SSM40 on a 5520. I want all traffic entering and leaving the network to be scanned before being passed to the ASA. My question is when Im setting the sensor up under the traffic allocation tabdose selecting the Global po...

IPS 4270 placement @ Internet Edge

Given that I have same topology as shown in Internet Edge Cisco IPS Design Best Practices  and basically inserting 4270 Appliance into an INLINE mode. Core and Distribution Switch  = Layer-3 routed linksDistribution Switch and ASA = Layer-2 access po...

ASA5510 8.4 NAT Routing

After the Upgrade I have some trouble to setup my needed configuration. I have 2 active Interfaces:private want that the hosts inside the private LAN can reach the Internet and I'm using ASDM for configuration....

viper2005 by Beginner
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Filter informational traffic.

Hi I am sending the informational log,specifically the message id302013 of cisco ASA to syslog server. I am only concern about the built in message created from outside to inside direction. Is it possible through configuration so that I can only rece...

Cannot Ping or Telnet through ASA

Hi Experts,I built the network like attached diagram, and hoping it to work like this:the traffic coming from outside, which is VLAN 1, will pass through ASA and go to VLAN 100 and 254.Routing protocol between R0, ASA and R1 is OSPF.  The problem now...

ASA 5505 no internet

                   Dear alli have a problem with ASA 5505 i have three vlans : Inside, Guest, Outsidethe Inside's vlan network is                           is                       ...

george by Beginner
  • 5 replies
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Resolved! ASA Context v/s EIGRP

Hello,Please let me know if ASA with multiple context supports a routing protocol ? I wanted to run EIGRP in each firewall context as a requirement.Kindly help.Regards,Amol.                  

rush2amol by Beginner
  • 2 replies
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Getting DoSed on Cisco ASA 5520

Hi Guys,I am currently getting DoS/DDoS on my asa 5520 , the attacker is hitting IP's that are not even open on any port. The attack is filling up the queues on the firewall which is at 99% CPU during the attack. here's the NetFlow info that I was ab...

manish arora by Frequent Contributor
  • 9 replies
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