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Hi,I know this is an old firewall but its just a simple firewall I need, my question is this.I am not getting any internet with my current config, see below:show conf : Saved : Written by enable_15 at 00:52:17.182 UTC Fri Jul 20 2012 PIX Version 6.3(...

I need to connect 3 Dell switches (Dell PowerConnect 5324, 5448 ) to a Cisco ASA 5525 Firewall. The Switch IP addresses are,, I know how to configure the ASA Firewall for connecting the switches. The Fi...

purpletech by Beginner
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DearsI have configured the IPS module with Setup command and have initialized it , but when i tried to access the IPS via ASA ASDM and saving any change it keeps telling me that i do not have sufficient rights ??Please check the attached and advise w...

Any help please?I have two ASA firewalls connected to same layer 2 Switch and with different subnet on Inside interface .                        ASA-1 ================>[ layer 2 Switch]<====================ASA-2                                       ...

Davy Ad by Beginner
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