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Need a QOS solution on 5510

We switched a customer over to VOIP recently and they are having QOS issues when the T1's max. What I found is the QOS policy on the router has not tagged anything VOIP related, IOW, it isnt seeing any EF bits. Somehow I beleive the ASA is not sendin...

Bridge-Groups FWSM

Hello All,I have a question about Bridge Groups if someone can help me. So, I have two bridge groups on one FWSM obviously using two different IP Scopes. However I can only have one default route so for instance. BVI 1 - (outside1)BVI 2 -...

Resolved! What traffic gets copied to IPS Module??

We have an ASA5585-X with SSP-10 module installed that we are testing. The firewall's outside interface is connected to the internet and has a public address. We have CSM 4.2 installed and are sending events from the IPS to it.After we configured the...

mattleayr by Beginner
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flow denied error

Drop-reason: (acl-drop) Flow is denied by configured rule eeror on asaWhen i run the packet tracer i am geeting above eerorPhase 1 is upBut when i excute show crypto ipsec sai am not geeting any resultPlease suggestAs check access-list, transformset ...

CISCO ASA 5500 Multiple NATs

I want to be able to expose a certain internal( IP with different Public Nat IP's for different clients on the same interface on a cisco ASA 5500e.g    for  client 1   for  client 2 fo...

mojalefa1 by Beginner
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VPN cfg file?

Hi Expertshow to create the cfg File for VPN Client in order to be imported later the VPN Users who required VPN access instead of inserting it manually every timethanksjamil

Ibrahim Jamil by Frequent Contributor
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ZBF problem or IOS bug

Hi , I have simple rules in ZBFclass-map type inspect match-all DMZ310_TO_INTERNET_PASS match access-group name DMZ310_TO_INTERNET_PASS !class-map type inspect match-all DMZ310->INTERNET_INSP_COMB match access-group name DMZ310_TO_INTERNET_INSPECT ma...


Hi ,We are planning to implement one ISP on Active ASA and second ISP on stanby ASA. Can you please help us how can we achive this topology without any router in between that .I had just go with ASA failover doc but in that case two isp terminated on... by Beginner
  • 3 replies
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