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Dear Experts,  Im CCNA v7 certified. working in networks since last 5 years. have some information on cyber security. Im thinking to start preparation for Cisco Certified CyberOps Professional Core exam: 350-201 CBRCOR. Advise - 1: is it advisable if...

Hi Cisco anyconnect vpn is installed at PC. then the wireless cannot be connected until the vpn removed. Please see the below picture. The one next to red triangle is the original zip file and all of other are produced by this zip file.. Once clickin...


Hello   I have a few 2960x switches on the network with 15.2.7.E5 code and we have internal scanners that are calling out the diffie-hellman 'kex' as weak ciphers and should be disabled. It appears that these DH cipher's are the only ones available f...

Hi I have 2xASA 5585 configured with multiple context running 9.4 (1) code base. During weekend, suddenly I missed ssh to the active ASA.  ssh ASA.ip ssh_exchange_identification: Connection closed by remote host debug ssh on the firewall gives  De...

kthned by Level 3
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 Hi,I wanted to use subinterfaces in the asa transparent mode but was only able to reach the ASA BVI but not any other IP.However, when I started using physical interfaces, I was able to reach everything. The rest of the config remain the same. Is th...

ziqex by Level 4
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What is the difference between Firepower chassis manager and firepower device manager? Like a Firepower Management Center (FMC), a Firepower 9300 Series and 4100 Series security appliance has its own web interface, called Firepower Chassis Manager. T...

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