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Recently upgraded 8.2 to 8.4.2 on ASA and came across a problem after in prod. We had rules for static twice nats setup that take two different outside IPs for two different ports - and map that to one internal host. As the internal host also talks o...

nickjacobs by Beginner
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I have a customer with an ASA5505 where it will not reply to SNMP polls from any source, i have followed the configuration guide and tested another A...

A quienes corresponda.La verdad es mi primera vez que utilizo  esta herramienta tan importante como es Cisco Support Community , para  que alguna alma caritativa pueda ayudarme con el siguiente problema que  tengo.Deseo  que los usuarios de la LAN in...

Resolved! ASA Ping Problem

Hi dearsI have a problem with Cisco ASA.I have 2 Cisco ASA that are connected to each other with outside interfaces, The IP range between these is and the outside IP ranges are and ASA-1: I have ping to outside and...

Hi Every one,I get stuck in a problem, i need your help in this regard.Scenior is very simple ---->   Inside-Pc----->Switch 3560----->(inside) ASA5510 (outside)------>ISP                                                                                ...

I'm not sure how to connect my firewall for Active/Active.I'm sure the 5510 has layer 3 ports.Can i configure more than one port to sit on the same VLAN?Or configure more than one port to Trunk the same VLANs.Please see pictures attached.Thanks in ad...

Dear Friends,I have ASA 5505,i have already connected through leased line and site is runing.Now client requirement is to connect one more broadband line into firewall.So please assist me whether i can connect 2 line(Leased and broadband) simultaneou...

hi experts,Could someone please help me on resetting password on my IPS module below provided are the HW details. from the below out put we can see that I dont have option to reset password by using hw-module module 1 pass commnad.XX  sh verCisco Ada...

shijuuu by Beginner
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MY client claimed that the IPS modular can't upgrade the signature in the ASA5510, He has already buy the license. Do I need to upgrade the ASA IOS or  do something else ?What is the formal process to fix this problem?  the error is as below: Cannot ...

Totti by Beginner
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I have an internal email server which i'm trying to allow our PUBLIC ip email gateway to talk to.My goal is only allow our public email gateway to talk on port 25 to this server on our inside network.layout....97.107.x.x  ---> {router 174.55.x.x} -->...

rbblue234 by Beginner
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