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ASA5506-x Nat with OpenVPN?

HelloPlease try to Setup NAT for OpenVPN, here my Setup hello togetherI think the bounding for ports that are used for OpenVPN to NAT to Outside.i have here the problem that i can't build any connection tointernal OpenVPN Server, the necessary ports ...

Resolved! Split Tunnel

In my organization we have using Cisco Anyconnect for Remote access & split tunneling option its enabled. -> Non secured router > secured routesits mean only 10 network traffic should go via ASA box & apart from all other traffic sh...

network threat

How do you deal with network related cyber threat, this involves Arp spoofing, communication altering, device tempering. very high level of methods are used, I been told they have bigger connection and never speak with police, can someone help. Are t...

FTD HA Cluster Only Partially Upgraded

Working on a pair of 2130s managed by an FMC that were running and went to upgrade them to 6.6.4 last night.  Did a push first, selected the cluster and confirmed both showed as complete.  Started the install and after completion of the task...

mumbles202 by Enthusiast
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Anyconnect run as administrator to use certificate for authentication

Hello,I use anyconnect with local authetnication and certificate validation. I have to RUN AS anyconnect in order to connect to cisco ASA.Does anybody have this problem or know how to solve this? I tried with profile and certificate overwrite. Thank ...

Resolved! 5512-x dns configuration

Hi Guys, Im unable to ping any dns from the asa. CISCOASA(config-if)# ping^ERROR: % Invalid HostnameFollowing is my sh run:hostname CISCOASAdomain-name!no mac-address auto!interface GigabitEthernet0/0<--- More ---> description W...

dban7 by Beginner
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Resolved! Cisco Next Generation firewall

Hi everybody! I'd like to ask about the next-generation firewall. Is a Cisco next-generation firewall equipped with all of this?  # if it has a remote access vpn?# does it have a QoS bandwidth control for inbound and outbound traffic# Live bandwidth ...

Micco by Beginner
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FMC ACL Audit?

Hi All, Looking to get some insight on the best way to move forward with this. I am looking to do a clean up of our ACLs on our Firepower's through the FMC to see if there are rules that are no longer being used or rules that don't have hits on them....

Matt26 by Beginner
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