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Is there a way that I can monitor if a vpn tunnel is up or down? I know you can do sh cry isakmp sa or via the asdm but that does not alert me if a tunnel is up or down, or give me any historical data about the tunnel.I tried via solarwinds but it on...

When I try to use my vpn client to connect to another ASA firewall from home, my home ASA seems to block it. The VPN seems to connect, I cant use any services. Been reading various description of the problem and tried to fix it, but no luck so far. H...

burann4242 by Beginner
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HiI have two ASA 5520 Firewall. I want ACTIVE- ACTIVE state. A default  failover cable ( 3Feet)  shipment with  the Product . My Client want  Keep ASA different Seperate Network RACK which is differ 300 meter ( Two Building beside each other). So its...

biplobkhan by Beginner
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I have a ASA5510 and I have a question about the speed the ports can handle, here is one port:interface Ethernet0/2 speed 100 shutdown no nameif no security-level no ip addressit's ethernet and not fastethernet so I figure it will only go to 10Mbps, ...

Hi Netpro Team,we have cisco asa 5510 where ips module is installed. i have given the event action rule as "deny", when i do this, the attacks destined to victim port 80 is getting denied and logged, but attack to victim port 0 does not show any acti...

secureIT by Enthusiast
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Hi Folks,I have an ASA5510 where I have defined object-groups and then associated them with a specific ACL.  Our ISP is pulling their point of presence from where I live and I am force to move to a new ISP.  I am in the process of setting up another ...

Have a client who has decided to move from their Cisco ASA 5520 to a new Watchguard XTM820 firewall.  Worked through the config and got most of the rules moved over to the new device and working.  Running into some problems with the DMZ interface tho...

sonitadmin by Beginner
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Hi,     After applying ZBF in a 891, users can not connect to internal resources after a successful VPN establishment. For testing purposes I've created only two zone-pair without using the self-zone, only LAN-to-WAN and WAN-to-LAN. In the last one I...

Can anyone help me with setting up an ASA 5505 to be used as a firewall between a BT internet router and a Cisco 3560 Lan switch. i amThe BT router gives out DHCP addresses and is plugged into port 1 on the firewall. The fir...

Hi all,I can't receive mails from some customers, asa 5505 log get the message: "ASA_Outside|Deny TCP (no connection) from X.X.X.X/35702 to ASA_Outside/25 flags ACK  on interface outside".Anybody can help me?Thanks in advance.

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