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Storagage of NAC cached credentials

Evening -Curious if anyone can help with this: When using the NAC agent and a user enters there credentials, then enables the check box 'Remember Me' -  exactly where on a Windows system are teh credentials stored? Are they encrypted in any manner? C...

degriffin by Beginner
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Error on SSM-10

Okay this is my first try at setting up an ASA-SSM10 module. I have my ASA configured and passing traffic. I started to configure the SSM module. I got into the CLI via the ASA session command. I configured the IP address and can ping it from a PC on...

ddevecka by Beginner
  • 2 replies
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Dual wan nat in asa 5510

hi all,i have two isp links one is leased line with static ip and the other one is DSL with dynamic ipmy scanrio is i need to leased line to nat local host to outside to access through web and the DSL i need to use for the local user internet accessi...

zeuscyril by Enthusiast
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ASA static PAT and global NAT

How can set the static PAT and global NAT for the same host as the same timeFor example, I would like to PAT host A smtp to host B smtp while NAT host A to host C.static (DMZ,WAN) tcp A smtp B smtp netmask (LAN,WAN) A C netmask ...

change to comcast ISP now outbound and inbound using static assinged route does not work

I have n ASA 5505 , asa version7.2(4).I change my isp to comcast and the only changes that were made to the configuration was the new external public ip address from the old isp external ip address.My problem is with a inside device static assigned t...

Security ACL

Hi Everybody,       What type of traffic should be permitted and denied on an internet facing interface with DMVPN services also running on it. I have a security ACL placed in it which blocks basic security threats and ports but i am just keen to kno...

niterid3r by Beginner
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Resolved! problems w/ PAT under 8.3

We have problems with 8.3 firmware on our ASA. I try to configure pooled-dynamic-pat and it appears that it is natting properly but doesn\'t do pat but instead does pooled-nat. According to: object n...

w951duu by Beginner
  • 12 replies
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AIM-IPS Performance Limits?

We are using an AIM-IPS module in a 1841 and it has been working fine, however we just upgraded our broadband link and didn’t notice a increase in throughput.We were consistently getting about 16 meg download speeds and this didn’t change with the ne...

Reverse path translation problem

I'm having a problem with NAT , i have a Videoconference system and from site A to SIte B is all good. But when site b tries to dial site A, is not completing and in ASA logs on site B i get reverse path translation failed from DMZ to Inside. Dialing...

URL Filtering - Command Line Issues

Hello - I'm a complete novice when it comes to configuring via the command line, but I am trying my best to learn.  We have a Cisco ASA 5505 and would like to configure it using a Cisco provided solution for URL filtering.  At this moment we only hav...

jrennard3 by Beginner
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DHCP relay Cisco ASA to PIX535

Hi,We want to use the DHCP relay service on a Cisco 5505 ASA connected trough a VPN IP_Sec site-to-site tunnel with a PIX 535. We set up te configuration as discribed in the documantation. From de remote site the ASA 5505 we can ping de DCHP servers ...

nijholt by Beginner
  • 8 replies
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Why do my firewalls only use the domain username and password for login and enable passwords, not a different enable password like my switches do? The RADIUS config looks the same...

Issue: Cisco  firewalls require only one level of password i.e. the domain username  and password are used for both logging in as well as reaching global  configuration mode. Background: We  have multiple Cisco network devices set up which authent...

chris by Beginner
  • 1 replies
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