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It doesn't look like setting a RIP neighbor is possible on the ASA 5505.  Is there a preferred method for configuring RIP between an ASA and a 2800 router?  The intention is to have a site to site VPN on the ASA to the same network that the 2800 rout...

I'm not quite sure if the problem is the ASA, or something else in the network design, but the ASA is at the heart of what's going on, so I started this here.I have a remote site - directly connected via fiber so it can basically considered local - t...

jlmickens by Level 1
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Dear Friends,I have created the site to site VPN between my two office locations.Over VPN i have migrated 4 subnets of ( /24 & /16) once i switch the traffic on VPN tunnel,I observed the subnets are able to talk to each other & one subnets is not abl...

Hi all,I have an ASA 5540 and I'd like to create a rule using a specific host name as source of the traffic, not an ip address.Is that possible?My firewall already resolves names to IP address so I can ping all my internal hosts by nameThanksTauer

I've just taken over a new network with a Cisco ASA5520. Everything is working fine, except I am being bombarded with 106001 alerts from a few internal hosts to one specific internal host. The description in general is "Inbound TCP connection denied ...

Resolved! ICMP from outside

I have an ASA5510 running version 8.4. ICMP is blocked from the internet to the outside interface of our firewall but now our ISP is requesting us to allow ICMP from their network to the outside of our ASA. I need to allow ICMP from three blocks of I...

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