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Hello all, Something that puzzles us.Normal situation:LAN > Router > Firewall > Internet.The firewall has a default route straight to the provider router, all is well.Failover situation:The firewall detects that the primary provider network is down u...

Hello Dears,When i apply this command icmp deny any outside it is blocking everything from outside even though tcp and udp  why ???,I have a permit access-list for my DMZ servers on TCP and UDP  but they are blocked once i apply the icmp deny any out...

Hello,I am having some problems to connect an ASA5510 with the ASDM.I configured another ASA before with the same laptop, but now it is not connecting.After  you put the default address on the asdm screen, you can see  it is uploading som...

Hi there,I am working on a ASA5520 running asa724-33-k8.bin and have been seeing some strange beheviour in relation to ACE additions.On particular access-lists there is an implicit deny; so any new entries are added before this line.However, once the...

I have inherited an ASA 5520.  In doing some auditing of the setup, I have noticed a Static Route that has the inside interface of the ASA as the Gateway IP.  I am trying to understand the purpose of this route or why a route would be setup this way....

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