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Hello,I am using a PIX on our test network and I'm trying to get devices on interface "DMZ4_Wireless_PDA" (Ip range 172.25.1.x/24) to communicate with x.x.156.78 which NAT's to a server on the inside interface on  Attached is my conf...

Andy White by Participant
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Resolved! NAC License

Hello,I have installed NAC manager license nad it is fine when i try to add the NAC server it is giving me errorFailed to add server: Maximum limit for Clean Access Servers  supported has been reached.I got the licence for NAC Server from PAK shipped...

Hi,I have one Cisco Catalyst 2960 connected to ASA 5520 as Trunk. The version on ASA is 7.2(2).The port on the 2960 connected to ASA is reporting lost of undersize packet.Is there any problem with this on version 7.2(2) or shuld I continue search for...

ciscomagu by Beginner
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Hello All,I started poking around our ASA 5520 (I seem to have inherited the job of administrating it) and I'm seeing the following messages intermixed in the syslog:Denied ICMP type=3, code=13 from on interface OutsideNo matching connect...

So we got a new internet line here at work to replace our old T1.  Along with the new line we were given new IP addresses.We were given a new WAN IP of /30 which I assigned to the outside interface of the firewall which is a Cisco ASA ...

kbrown001 by Beginner
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Hello,I stuck with a static nat configuration problem on ASA 5505 equipment.While there is already quite a few post regarding NAT on this forum I could not find anything solving my problem so any help from the community would be most welcome.Problem ...

jfendrody by Beginner
  • 6 replies
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