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Hi All,Please help me to configure FWSM in my VSS environment. I have two 6509s in my network, VSS is running in between. Each switch contains an FWSM module. I want to configure these modules with failover. What all things i need to consider before ...

Resolved! ASA5520

how can we block proxy address ASA5520. Means some smart users entered in their browser proxy (same proxy ISP provided) with port 8080.Then their traffic bypass our Firewall.What was the solution with ASA5520.Waiting for quick response.

I am able to access the ASA5510 device (8.2(2)) via ASDM (6.2(5)) from a PC at home (Windows 7, IE8, most recent java) but am unable to connect to the device from my work PC (also Windows 7, IE8). Each time after succesfully connecting to the VPN, my...

Please find my ASA config.hostname fw!interface Ethernet0/0 nameif NC_OUTSIDE security-level 0 ip address !interface Ethernet0/1 nameif JA_OUTSIDE security-level 0 ip address !interface Ether...

I ran the Output Interpreter on our 506e and got the following:WARNING: The IP address, 6x.172.214.193, of the 'outside' interface overlaps with the static defined by:     'static (inside, outside) netmask'.Can som...

Hi,I have a coreswitch 6509 which is include IDSM-2 actully the core switch handle the traffice between the usres VLANs and the server Vlan (vlan 11)The users Vlan are (Vlan 2 , 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7). I need to configure the core switch and IDSM to be in...

When access the EC2 server from my network using sshclient and not type any coomand for minuts the connection is droped. Tested the access in same server from direct internet connection and don´t have same problem.Exist one specified configuration to...

Hi,Iam working on ASA5510 and I have some problem.I have already posted in the forum but I resum to you my network architecture and what i want to do.- PC in LAN : with a gateway : ( ASA Lan interface)- 2 public Server in ...

beaujoire by Beginner
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We have an ASA 5510 which we are looking to take out of action, and the idea is to get an ASA 5540 to replace it.. can we simply migrate the config across to the new firewall and is there anything special we need to do . . it will be great if there a...

r.arzouni by Beginner
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