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I currently have 2 ASA 5510's on my network, where one acts as the failover for the other. I recently received a memory stick to upgrade one of them, and wondered if I will have problems if I don't upgrade the memory on both.Please advise....Thanks!

waldronks by Beginner
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Hi,I have a FWSM ruuning on a 6509 with MFSC in context mode.If I configure up a full SVI routed environment on the MFSC to send packets to the FWSM it all works fine.Howvever if I just have a VLAN to which my incoming traffic comes via a port on the...

Ian Beck by Beginner
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Hi AllAn old thread confirmed that it is not possible to upgrade an FWSM failover pair to a new minor/major version without downtime. see What abaut newer versions? I like to upgrade from 4.0(6)...

Hi all,I am starting a new job, and one thing that needs to be done asap is to set up a PIX 506E firewall.I admit it has been some time since configuring a PIX, so i thought i would use the GUI to enter the basics (needs to be just up and running asa...

Headley01 by Beginner
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Resolved! NAT doubt in ASA

Hi,Is it possible to change the source IP and the target IP of the same  packet that arrived on any of the ASA interface? ( in this case outside )For example if a packet is reveiced on outside I/F:soure - a.b.c.ddestination : p.q.r.schange the source...

Hi all,Does the Cisco NAC provide support for linux based devices?Context: We have 3G Routers dialing into a Corporate VPN to send telemetry, monitoring data etc and we need some kind of NAC that allows these devices onto the network, but any other d...

robporzig by Beginner
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